Business Text Messaging for More In-Depth Consumer Engagement

Business messaging has applications across a wide range of industries for building more in-depth engagement with consumers. To find out how businesses are using messaging to strengthen ties with customers, we asked several companies about how texting for business has played a role in their digital transformation. Their responses were insightful and inspiring — even heartwarming. [...]

Business Text Messaging for Enhanced Customer Service

We know that customers love texting for customer service. According to Pew Research, 64% of people prefer text messaging versus phone calls for customer service, and at the same time social media business messaging is on the rise. More than ever, consumers are looking to get their customer support issues addressed on their own timeline and [...]

Four Ways to Rise Above Channel Fatigue

Consider for a moment the many ways customers are inundated with a multitude of brands, all vying for their attention. Take the email inbox, for example. Customers can’t unsubscribe fast enough from all the generic email newsletters they receive. The influx of email newsletters, social media messages, and online advertising adds up to marketing fatigue, a [...]