AI Studio for Customer Experiences

Where enterprise teams AI
for customer experiences.

Orchestrate Large Language Models (LLMs) in an AI development environment built for CX.

Quiq’s AI Studio is a suite of infrastructure & tools that empowers developers, conversational designers, and CX leaders to create AI-powered conversational experiences together across the development lifecycle.

Accuracy through amnesia.

AI through Large Language Models (LLMs) has the potential to scale your capacity to serve customers and deliver great experiences. But, LLMs have real risks that can deliver a poor customer experience or threaten your brand image. AI Studio will help you leverage the useful parts of the LLM (like language understanding and generation) and ignore undesirable behaviors (like hallucinations and stale data).

Building AI without Quiq means you’ll need to stitch together a multitude of tools and keep up to date during this time of rapid AI evolution. Building with AI Studio will let you focus on building AI experiences, not infrastructure and tools.

Production, not prototype.

Building LLMs assistants is not like building standard software – it takes a team of conversational designers, software developers, business owners and business analysts all working together to design, build, test, debug, deploy and analyze AI performance. Previously this required piecing together lots of different open source tools.

We have brought it all together so that you don’t have to. AI Studio isn’t just a simple prompt editor, it is powerful AI development environment designed for teams building complex AI experiences that require completions from multiple LLMs running in parallel, even different versions of LLMs.

We built AI Studio to enable the Quiq team to deliver some of the first truly generative AI for customer experiences in market. But the Studio is so powerful we couldn’t keep it just for ourselves, so we are making it available for enterprises to use themselves – with or without the help of Quiq services.

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Good data is the foundation of a great AI Assistant.

Chances are that the data needed to solve customer inquiries is spread out over lots of sources – manuals, knowledgebases, web pages, product catalogs, order history and so on. It is probably also the case that the data isn’t in a useful form.

AI Resources is a powerful tool to collect your data and make it usable by AI. With AI resources you can write powerful LLM-powered transformations, such as summarizing troubleshooting steps in a manual, load that data into a vector database and use embeddings for search in an AI Assistant.

No-code. Low-code. Pro-code.

From conversational designer and business analysts to software engineers, AI Studio was built for
every team member.

Visually build & edit with Flow Designer.

Designing AI powered conversational experiences requires customer journey mapping, decision points, and data access to power your LLM for CX. Flow Designer provides a visual representation of your AI Assistant.

Unshackle engineer creativity with Function Editor.

Let’s face it: Some problems require the raw power of code. Instead of handcuffing engineers with dumbed-down tools, Quiq empowers engineers to creatively solve problems with their own Python code.

Higher quality CX, lower development effort with Debug Workbench.

Given the complexity and multi-step nature of LLM-powered AI Assistants, when something doesn’t work the way it should, it can be very difficult to figure out why. Was it a problem with missing knowledge? Maybe the LLM behaved unexpectedly? Maybe data in an internal system changed? Debug Workbench in AI Studio gives granular observability of all the inputs and events that make up an AI experience, so that fixes can be made and then replayed.

Sometimes, small changes can have a large impact. Debug Workbench also has a full suite of testing tools that help you test & deploy your assistant. Want to upgrade an LLM version? With Workbench you can regression test your Assistant.

Events gives full observability of AI behavior, allows you to debug, test prompts, quickly navigate through completion methods, measure performance, view generated prompts and completions.

Tests allows for full regression testing can help track impact of changes. More easily develop guardrails and leverage testing for common prompt hacks by default. Test complex scenarios including side-effects by creating assertions to validate test outcomes.

Watch your data and results become crystal clear.

When developing an AI experience, one of the most overlooked but difficult-to-solve problems is understanding how well the AI works. For example, are customers leaving the Assistant because they are frustrated and jumping over to a phone call? Or did the customer get the answer to their question? Our goal is Resolution—not Containment or Deflection.

Quiq Assistant Insights was specifically developed to answer the question of how well your AI is doing. Insight data collection is built right into AI Studio. By using custom funnels and flow (Sankey) diagrams you can dig into the performance of your AI Assistant.

AI-powered Assistants rely heavily on data resources. Quiq also provides powerful search analytics to help identify opportunities to organize better or augment your AI Resources to improve performance and accuracy.

Start building better CX, faster.