Conversational AI for Retail & E-commerce

Improve CX and revenue
with Quiq’s Conversational AI for retail.

Move monotonous work away from human labor.

As a leader in retail, you’re deeply aware of the labor challenges in the industry.
Turnover, rising costs, and a rollercoaster economy all make headcount a headache. You
can alleviate a lot of this pain by keeping employees focused on high-value work, which
reduces repetitive tasks that technology can do. That’s where Quiq’s AI for the retail industry comes in.

Quiq relief for retailers starts
with protecting finite human

How? Through Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) capabilities combined with our AI-powered Next-Generation Contact Center. For example, if a customer reaches out on web chat asking where their order is, NLP and NLU map back to your data to find the right answer. No human required.

Learn how Quiq partnered with Molekule to build an LLM-powered AI Assistant that's increased resolution rates to 60%.

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Seamless escalation to human agents.

Let’s say a customer reaches out with a more complicated question that AI can’t answer. In this case, Quiq routes the person to a human agent right away, who can then take over the conversation. On the agent’s side, customer conversations look the same inside of Quiq regardless of source. So, whether the customer is reaching out for help on WhatsApp, web chat, Apple Messages for Business, etc., the agent has the same UI experiences and management features available to them.

How does Quiq’s AI for retail work?

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Experts are projecting
seasonal hiring will slow.

Some companies are hiring up to 46% fewer people as seasonal workers in 2022. When issues arise, it’s clear that customers will be flooding the digital channels available to them. Is your company digitally prepared so you can win customers’ loyalty year-round?

Your customers will continue
purchasing in physical stores.

According to Forrester research, 73% of consumers will still be shopping at physical stores in 2 years. Better digital experiences drive consideration that ultimately converts to in-person sales. If you’re looking at the best areas to focus your resources for the biggest payoff, improving your digital CX with Quiq’s AI for retail should be #1. There is a lot of opportunity to capture more sales online, increase average order values, and reduce phone call volume—even to individual retail locations. When you partner with Quiq, we help you layer in automation to take the pressure and monotony off human agents to boost both CX and revenue.

The cost of doing nothing.

When you assess current business challenges, do you think they’ll go away if you keep doing what you’re doing? Or, will they get worse? Innovation may seem daunting, but the cost of doing nothing could be much higher. Take control of your customer service and contact center operations with AI for retail powered by Quiq. Get a demo today to see how our retail AI solutions work!

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