RCS Business Messaging

Take CX to the next level
with Google RCS Business

Enrich your customer messages.

Create a rich, asynchronous messaging experience that delights customers and drives business
results with Google’s RCS Business Messaging mobile conversation channel.

What is RCS Business Messaging?

It’s a step above the SMS messaging that comes standard on Android devices. RCS Messaging delivers an upgraded messaging experience using features such as branding, rich media, interactivity, and analytics. With Quiq’s messaging platform, you can use RCS to manage and deliver visually-rich customer experiences that will reduce inquiries and help boost sales. Whether it’s conversing with customers, sending status updates, or collecting feedback, RCS Business Messaging makes each interaction come alive.

Take customer communication from reliable to remarkable.

For years SMS has dominated the way we communicate via mobile. But, while it’s still one of the most reliable channels, it isn’t the most captivating. RCS Business Messaging takes the SMS messaging your customers know and love and upgrades it with rich messaging features to deliver more engaging customer experiences.

When you enable RCS Business Messaging with Quiq, you can bring your customers vibrant conversational experiences with features such as:

  • Company branding
  • High-resolution images and video
  • Read receipt with timestamp
  • Quick replies
  • Carousels
  • Secure forms
  • Post-conversation surveys


are more likely to engage with a brand through RCS


are more likely to purchase online if they can ask questions in real-time


more likely to read RCS messages then emails
By introducing RCS, Overstock.com has created a superior customer experience, personalizing interactions with customers and engaging them at their convenience.
Jimmy Budnik VP of Customer Care

Enable RCS Business Messaging and take your CX to the next level.

Uplevel your business interactions, impress your customers.

Superior interactions help your business stand out to digital-first customers. Higher-quality images and videos
make for a better experience. But what really takes RCS Business Messaging to the next level are the rich
interactions that give customers the experience they’ve come to expect.

The best part is, customers can engage with these interactive elements in the messaging app they’re already
familiar with.

Quiq’s RCS integration allows you to send outbound messages—such as upcoming specials, new product
announcements, or order status updates, automatically delivered in the richest possible format.

Order confirmations

Send customers a confirmation message and allow them to track their package for greater peace of mind and fewer inquiries.


Remind customers of upcoming appointments by alerting them of their scheduled date and time.

Payment notifications

Notify customers of pending or overdue due payments with a branded message and an easy external link to make a payment.


Maintain a high-quality branded experience throughout guest interactions. Help them easily find your business with rich cards.

Build trust with a branded

When customers interact with a business online, they’re more likely to engage and purchase when they feel secure. With RCS Messaging, companies get a checkmark on their profile to show that they are verified, and their full brand name is displayed across messaging touchpoints. This fully-branded messaging experience lets customers see, at a glance, who they’re engaging with.

What’s the difference between
Google RCS Business Messaging
and Google’s Business Messages?

Google RCS Business Messaging upgrades SMS with branding, rich media, interactivity, and analytics. With RCS, businesses can bring branded, interactive mobile experiences to the default messaging app.

Google’s Business Messages has the same functionality but is most commonly accessed when consumers search from mobile entry points like Google Maps and Search, versus RCS Business Messaging, which includes outbound capabilities sent from a business to a mobile phone number.

Want help deciding which service makes the most sense for you and your customers? We’ll work with you to customize your business messaging to meet your unique needs.

Rely on Quiq as your partner for
Google RCS Business Messaging.

To enable RCS Business Messaging for your business, you need to work through a trusted Google partner. As an approved RCS Business Messaging partner, Quiq can get your messaging up and running—and delivering rich experiences—in record time.

We’ll work with you to optimize your business messaging and set your agents up for CX success with our state-of-the-art messaging platform.

Quiq’s AI-powered Conversational Platform unites messaging conversations from various apps and platforms into one easy-to-use dashboard where agents can connect with multiple customers simultaneously. Get in touch with us today to see how we can integrate the RCS Business Messaging API for your company.

Find out how to upgrade your CX and make each interaction come alive with Quiq and RCS.