RCS Business Messaging

Google rich business messaging is the next generation of text messaging for customer service.


Google Rich Business Messaging

It’s what you’d expect from messaging with a business.

Today’s digital-first consumers have higher expectations for how businesses should communicate with them. Google RBM delivers an upgraded messaging experience.

Top Brands Are Using Google RCS Business Messaging

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What is RCS Business Messaging?

Google Rich Communication Services (RCS) upgrades SMS with branding, rich media, interactivity and analytics. RCS business messaging combines the already popular text messaging customer communication channel into a visually rich message format to deliver more engaging customer experiences.

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How is RCS messaging helping businesses?

Customers use a wide variety of mobile devices. For those on an Android device, if the recipient is RCS-enabled, businesses can take advantage of sending the richest form of message possible, automatically converted from SMS. These interactive messages give consumers a richer experience that frankly, they’ve come to expect.


Rich communications

Brands are able to stand out with these rich communications. Messages separate themselves from other messages with their branded elements that give consumers immediate confidence when they can clearly see the verified businesses sender.


Rich media

This upgraded experience from SMS enables rich media like cards and carousels. The best part is, customers are able to engage with these interactive elements all within their default messaging app. Make it easy for consumers to schedule appointment times, get alerts and updates, enlist purchase help, and complete secure payment transactions.

By introducing RCS, Overstock.com has created a superior customer experience, personalizing interactions with customers and engaging them at their convenience.

— Jimmy Budnik, VP of Customer Care

How different industries are using RCS business messaging

Customers across a wide range of industries use rich communication services for a variety of use cases to enhance their customers experiences. Here are a few:

Retail – Order confirmation

Send customers a confirmation message in their messages app and allow them to track their package for greater peace of mind.


Services – Appointment

Make sure customers are aware of upcoming appointments by alerting them of their scheduled date and time.


Credit Union – Payment

Help members stay on top of their past due payments with a branded message and easy external link to make a payment.


Hospitality – Reservation

Maintain a high-quality branded experience throughout guest interactions. Help them easily find your business with rich cards.


Rich messaging solutions

Whether it’s conversing with customers, sending status updates, or collecting feedback, Google rich business messaging makes each interaction come alive.


For businesses, the capabilities associated with using a rich messaging solution make it better and easier as well. Agents and managers can design their own rich messages, which can then be shared across their teams. This allows the team to gain efficiencies in responding to customers with effective and proven messages.

Best of all, Google RBM is another channel that fits seamlessly alongside all other messaging channels, allowing employees to focus on communicating with customers effectively without worrying about the peculiarities of each channel. Save the technical stuff for the technology, and the business can focus on delivering richer customer experiences.

Outbound rich messaging

Outbound messaging keeps your customers in-the-know, whether it be about upcoming specials, new product options, or an update regarding order status.

Businesses can send outbound messages to their customers and those messages will be automatically delivered in the richest possible format, whether the device is on Android or any other platform. All the business needs to send a rich business message to a RCS enabled device is the consumer’s mobile phone number.


Other Frequently Asked Questions:

RCS stands for rich communication services. Rich communication services are a communication protocol between mobile-telephone carriers and between phone and carrier aimed at enhancing SMS messages with richer multimedia capabilities.

RCS messaging is the equivalent of Google Rich Communication Services (RCS or RBM) and delivers an upgraded messaging experience for Android devices. Recipients that are RCS-enabled can be sent the richest form of message possible based upon the device’s capabilities. This results in a more dynamic and interactive messaging experience.

  • Rich Messaging Capabilities – High-resolution photos, content carousels, rich cards, quick replies, GIFs, and audio messaging provide an enriched messaging experience for consumers.
  • Verification – Businesses get a checkmark on their profile to show that they are verified and their full brand name will be displayed.
  • Custom Branding – Brands can customize the look and feel of the messaging interface to suit their business.
  • Secure Forms – Secure forms allow brands to perform identification and authorization, share PII information to generate leads or to perform a registration process during a conversation in a PCA compliant environment.
  • Post Conversation Survey – Gather feedback from consumers and measure their success across all messaging channels with the Post Conversation Survey.

For businesses, enabling RCS on Google Messages can be easy when working with an approved customer engagement platform like Quiq. Google and Quiq work together with a wide range of clients across a variety of industries to enable their customer service teams with rich business messaging.

Google RCS business messaging upgrades SMS with branding, rich media, interactivity, and analytics. With RCS, businesses can bring branded, interactive mobile experiences right to the default messaging app. Google’s Business Messages has all of the same functionality, but is most commonly accessed when consumers are searching from mobile entry points like Google Maps and Search, versus RCS business messaging which includes outbound capabilities sent from a business to a mobile phone number.  Watch this video to learn more about the intricacies between these channels.

Customer expectations are ever increasing and businesses benefit from delivering superior customer experiences. Rich business messaging makes it easy for consumers and businesses to have conversations that encourage engagement. Brands can express themselves in more ways to show their customers how much they care, thus resulting in more purchases and greater satisfaction.

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