Customer Service Messaging: Ovum Puts Quiq On The Radar

Ovum Quiq MessagingQuiq Messaging is recognized by Ovum in the customer service messaging and consumer messaging app space.

“Unlike other messaging platforms, Quiq’s technology takes a sharp focus on managing messaging at scale.”

– Mila D’Antonio, Principal Analyst Ovum

Ovum’s On the Radar is a series of research notes about vendors bringing innovative ideas, products, or business models to their markets. On the Radar vendors bear watching for their potential impact on markets.

Why put Quiq on your radar?

  • Asynchronous Messaging – Quiq offers a messaging solution that mimics the way consumers interact via messaging in their daily lives.
  • Fast Deployment– The platform’s ability to integrate into various external and internal applications enables fast deployment.
  • Flexible Pricing – Its bundle pricing model provides flexibility allowing companies to scale as customers or volumes grow.

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Here is a bit more detail from the report regarding Quiq’s functionality. Feel free to watch a short product video to put pictures to all these words!

Quiq’s Messaging Capabilities:

Quiq Messaging supports SMS/text messaging, Facebook Messenger, Web Chat, and Kik. It can be purchased as a standalone customer channel, or companies can deploy one of Quiq’s pre-built CRM integrations, which include Oracle, Zendesk, and

Additional features for Agents include:

  • Multi-conversation UI – enables agents to manage multiple conversations simultaneously
  • Text snippets – offers reusable text blurbs retrieved with simple keyboard shortcuts for on-the-fly responses
  • Collaboration – allows managers to watch the conversation and lend advice to the agent in the background
  • Emoji sharing – creates personal interactions between agents and customers
  • Adaptive response time coaching – measures the customer’s level of engagement and coaches the agent, suggesting which conversation needs the next response
  • Image and video – enables video and image sharing when necessary

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How Quiq Caters to Managers

Notable features for Managers include:

  • Rerouted conversations – automatically reroutes ongoing conversations when agents go off-shift
  • Real-time monitoring – shows aggregate metrics such as current load, number of customers waiting, wait times, and individual agent performance, including the number of conversations handled, average response time, and times unresponsive
  • ACD-like conversation handling – keeps incoming demand at manageable rates with auto-responses delivered to customers when queues overflow
  • Unresponsive agent timers – automatically puts a conversation back in the queue to be handled by another agent if an agent fails to respond within goal thresholds
  • Conversation observation – provides visualization of the entire conversation thread, provides whisper advice, and, if necessary, takes over the conversation without interruption the conversation
  • Historical statistics – can send conversation statistics in realtime to other systems for cross-channel reporting and BI analysis


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