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Why Quiq for Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger for business allows brands to have more meaningful conversations with their customers. Quiq harnesses this CX power for you, so you can handle service inquiries quickly and personably with automation—and drive huge jumps in revenue.

Be where your customers are.

Look at Facebook Messenger as a way to be where your customers are. In today’s CX landscape, customers’ channels of choice matter. It’s as simple as being available to customers in their preferred channel: Facebook.

Uplevel your customers’ service experience.

Customers expect fast customer service when they need it. But that’s almost impossible for big businesses to deliver without automation. Facebook Messenger empowers brands to field inbound questions and either provide answers right away with AI assistants or escalate to a human agent.

Let’s look at the numbers.

Quiq clients who integrate Facebook Messenger resolve customer issues with automation at significantly higher rates:

  • 95% CSAT on automation
  • 70-80% of inbound customer inquiries are resolved
  • 90% of total inquiries are contained
  • 86% of shipping questions are answered

How’d you like an ROI of 40X?

That’s the average return of Quiq clients using Facebook Messenger. The channel enables brands to deploy CX across the full customer lifecycle. Especially if you’re already advertising on Facebook, Messenger is a re-engagement tool you should be using to boost ROI on ad spend. Intelligent AI assistants answer customer questions, make product recommendations, and even close sales—it’s all integrated with your paid advertising. And it works.

Close more sales with better CX
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Empower your agents.

Quiq unites Facebook Messenger’s capabilities with our AI platform to slash call volumes while catapulting revenue. Your customer service agents will see Facebook messages alongside other channels, or route and queue them as needed. And they’ll be freed up from answering repetitive questions so they can resolve more complex issues.

Here’s what Quiq can help you do with Facebook Messenger:

Intelligent AI assistance

Intelligent AI assistance

Our Conversational AI uses Natural Language Understanding (NLU) which gives customers instant answers to frequently asked questions, reducing customer service costs and improving your customer experience. It also makes product recommendations and closes sales.

Guided shopping

Guided shopping

Deployed on your business’ Facebook Messenger, Quiq’s intelligent automated agents can quickly interact with your users and recommend some great shopping options.

Back-in-stock or price change alerts

Back-in-stock or price change alerts

Manage inventory or pricing changes on Facebook with Quiq. Customers can opt into intelligent reminders in Facebook Messenger with little effort, and you can leverage inventory restocks or price changes to bring customers back to complete purchases.

Cart recovery

Cart recovery

Boost sales by leveraging conversational AI to re-engage customers in Facebook Messenger if they abandon their shopping cart. Bringing customers back to complete their purchases is seamless (contact us for a demo and we’ll show you—it’s awesome).

Post-purchase updates, with upsell

Post-purchase updates, with upsell

Enable customers to effortlessly subscribe for post-purchase updates on Facebook. Programmatically send shipping updates that customers will read, reducing your inbound care volume and improving customer experience.

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