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Facebook Messenger for Business Solutions

Every month, billions of people use Facebook to connect with their friends and favorite brands. Facebook messenger for business allows brands to have more meaningful conversations with their customers. Quiq combines the power of technology with the social experience so that Facebook users can initiate a conversation directly with your company or as a call to action on one of your Facebook ad campaigns.

Engage With Your
Fans and Followers

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Facebook Messenger for Business is mobile, just like your customers

Be part of the conversation

Customers can reach out to your company on your Facebook page, ads, or Messenger app. The choice is theirs and they control how and when to interact with your brand. Quiq allows you to extend the reach of your marketing and customer service with our Facebook business solutions.

  • CTA’s on Facebook ads to start a conversation and catapult conversion rates
  • Excellent gateway for pre-sales and post-purchase service
  • Images, videos and rich messages
  • Support from live agents or bots on your customer’s favorite channel

Real-time Social Care

Customer service on Facebook Messenger

Social care, at scale

The richness of Facebook messenger for business interactions are supported as another channel in Quiq’s cross channel agent experience. With Facebook Messenger in Quiq, your employees can:

  • Understand prior customer interactions from Quiq’s continuous messaging transcript
  • Route Facebook conversations alongside other channels or handle them separately with Quiq’s powerful routing and queueing capabilities
  • Collaborate, transfer or re-queue conversations to support complex workflows
Manage conversations received through Facebook Messegenger for business


Your Facebook Business Solution

At every part of the customer journey, Facebook Messenger for business is there to help your fans and followers engage with your brand. A growing number of transactions are conducted on Facebook, making it an excellent gateway for pre- and post-sales engagement.

Customers want to connect with your brand through the channel of their choice. For many, that’s Facebook Messenger. With Quiq, you can be confident in the messaging experience you provide, across all of the popular channels. When you’re ready to see what the potential is for your brand, try out a self-serve demo today.

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