Message Translation Platform

With Quiq Translate, you never miss a chance to connect.


of agents say support in a customer’s native language increased CS scores, while 58% said it increased brand loyalty.


of consumers say they’re more likely to purchase the same brand again if customer care is in their language.


of customers expect service in their native language.

Messages lost in translation? Not with Quiq!

Multilingual customer support gives people a personalized experience that builds brand loyalty and
increases customer satisfaction.

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Auto translate business messages to serve new markets.

Providing excellent language services means more opportunities to connect with customers outside your current market. But support in a customer’s native language isn’t just for big multinational companies. Over 67MM US residents speak a language other than English at home, making multilingual business messaging more relevant than ever. Quiq Translate empowers agents to serve customers in multiple languages—without switching to external software.

Multilingual message translation is a breeze with Quiq.

Language barriers can get in the way of good communication, so your team needs the right tools to give customers the personalized service they expect. Quiq Translate automatically translates over 100 languages across the most popular digital messaging channels, including SMS/text, Apple Messages for Business, web chat, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

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With Quiq Translate, all your agents are multilingual.

Finding multilingual agents to serve your customers can be challenging. When you partner with Quiq for customer communications, our software automatically detects and translates conversations in over 100 languages, giving all your agents the ability to serve customers in their preferred language.

When a customer reaches out for service:

  • The language is auto-detected and translated inside the conversation
  • The customer receives return messages in their preferred language
  • Both the original and message translation are stored as part of the saved message transcript

Multiply what your agents—and your budget—can do.

Quiq’s automatic text translator is a native feature of our messaging platform, meaning you won’t need to buy a plug-in or third-party language processing software. In addition, our digital conversation platform gives agents a single intuitive workspace to manage cross-channel messaging so they can handle multiple customer conversations in up to 100 languages—improving time-to-resolution and customer satisfaction.

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