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Transform your business
with first-class customer

All those who wander
want best-in-class customer service experience.

As a business leader in the travel or hospitality space, you understand that exceptional
customer service is expected in the industry. But it can also be hard to deliver white
glove care with soaring costs and staffing challenges—especially in an uncertain
economy. That’s why you need Quiq.

Customers expect 5-star
experiences with your brand.

Customer expectations are at an all-time high. The value placed on every dollar spent is at its peak. As a result, customers are not only more selective, but also significantly more likely to travel or stay with you again if they have a positive experience. And recent Salesforce data tells us five factors matter most to exceptional CX: value, personalization, innovation, empathy, and data security.

Source: Salesforce

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But to win, you’ll need to go farther.

According to a recent Forrester report, the way to earn loyalty is by anticipating customer needs and blowing their expectations out of the water. Proactive messaging and communication is the most effective way to influence these expectations, set the standard amongst your competitors, and create lasting customer relationships in a time when customers have endless choice.

Surpass customer expectations at every
stage of their journey with you.

Booking confirmation

Confirm reservations with personalized messages.


Reach out ahead of check-in with any instructions and offer white-glove services.

During their stay

Make customers’ experience remarkable by reaching out to see how they’re doing and offering additional services.

After check-out

Send a thank you message and ask for feedback on their experience while it’s fresh in their mind.

Personalized doesn't always mean
in person.

Whether your guests are in the booking process, already in-house, or just checked out, Quiq travel chatbots empower you to exceed customer expectations. Importantly, you can reach guests and travelers via their channels of choice, including SMS/texting, WhatsApp, and more. When you partner with Quiq, we work with you to design conversational AI hospitality experiences that increase CSAT by giving guests what they want: personalized communication that’s not necessarily “in person”.

Powerful features for your unique customer base and business needs.

Proactively message customers with an innovative Conversational AI Platform that allows you to personalize CX and anticipate questions. With features like in-conversation surveys, multilingual translation, and secure payment integrations, Quiq’s breadth and depth of AI-powered solutions will transform your business. And that’s just on the customer-facing side. Explore our Next-Generation Contact Center to discover how our platform completely uplevels your agent resources, too.

Why else partner with Quiq for
travel and hospitality?

At Quiq, we are messaging and conversational AI experts, sure. But we also know your industry. From reducing support phone calls for IROP issues to CRS intricacies, we understand the travel and hospitality lexicon, unique challenges—and we’re on the cutting edge of empowering enterprise-size businesses to go above and beyond. To truly influence customer loyalty and business results in such a competitive arena, you need a messaging partner who gets it. And we do. In fact, some of our most profound customer use cases are within the industry. Reach out to us to learn more about our AI hospitality solutions. 

See how Quiq will deliver for your travel and hospitality business.