Business Messaging Channels

Meet your customers
where they are. 

The way customers find your business has changed.
Make it easy for them to message you.

By being available outside of that 1-800 phone call very few of your customers want to make, you’re meeting consumer preference with contact methods that are also cheaper for your business.
That’s how one of our customers, IHG, eliminated 20% of phone calls…

Customers crave rich messages, too.

Start enabling business messaging channels.

Digital messaging channels are better for bottom lines.

Not only is a native experience an improved one for consumers, but the asynchronous nature of messaging also drives concurrency. That means higher resolution rates for less cost. It’s a win-win.

Save 20% of agents’ time responding to web chat.

Quiq’s asynchronous web chat with proactive AI means businesses can rely on automation to handle inquiries that would’ve otherwise been routed to human agents. This saves time and money, but it also means improved CX when your customers are getting resolution—not disconnected from phone calls.

Quiq makes voice more efficient, too.

Your systems are already set up for voice, and the phones let customers transfer more info faster. There’s also a place for them when it comes to emotionally-charged and complex customer service issues. We meet businesses where they are by applying AI to your phone systems.

Quiq orchestrates the shift to messaging channels when your customers contact you through:

Limiting channels like physical mail.

Quiq can intelligently move customers from physical touch points into native messaging channels you’ve enabled using QR codes, prioritizing where the customer prefers spending time.

  • Customers get: A direct line to their preferred digital channels.
  • Your business enjoys: Brand-building engagement and increased customer loyalty.

Outdated contact methods like email.

Quiq’s conversation starters can intelligently move email, web chat, and other self-service conversations into native messaging channels you’ve enabled, prioritizing where the customer prefers spending time.

Not only does this meet customer preference, but it deepens your relationship with them.

  • Customers get: More convenient resolution that matches their channel preference.
  • Your business enjoys: Higher CSAT and deeper customer relationships in addition to added revenue.

Expensive phone calls to support.

Offer your customers a more convenient option when they call up your customer care.

IVR deflection to business messaging channels drives efficiency and cost savings for your businesses. Customers also appreciate being able to access services faster, including through business text messaging.

  • Customers get: A faster way to get in touch with your business.
  • Your business enjoys: Significant cost savings from deflecting customers away from the most expensive channel—the phone.

Let’s open up your business messaging channels.