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Why Quiq + Microsoft Dynamics?

The Quiq integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables brands to leverage their
existing investment in Dynamics 365, while reducing costs and increasing customer
satisfaction with asynchronous messaging. Brands using Dynamics 365 can now interact
with their customers on all messaging channels—including Apple Messages for Business,
WhatsApp, and Instagram.

We support all popular channels.

Quiq’s omnichannel, asynchronous messaging platform allows bots and human agents to capture leads and customer service cases where your customers are. That means all popular messaging channels, including:

  • Apple Messages for Business
  • Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger
  • SMS/Text Messaging including Google Verified SMS
  • RCS/Rich Business Messaging
  • Twitter Direct Messages
  • Asynchronous web and in-app chat
Microsoft Dynamics Integration Quiq

Dramatically improve your CX.

Quiq combines Conversational AI with natural language processing (NLP) and human agents to increase efficiency, reduce costs, drive revenue, and boost customer satisfaction. Give your customers a modern experience across their preferred communication channels, with conversations flowing naturally between bots and agents.

Web Integrations Microsoft Dynamics

Make your agents’ jobs easier.

Quiq runs on Azure and is integrated into your Dynamics 365, allowing conversations to be linked with contacts and transcripts stored in tickets. Our UI creates a seamless view for human agents, empowering them to resolve more inquiries faster.

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