Rich Messaging Platform

Delight customers and drive
sales with rich messaging.

Take business text messaging to the next level.

Give your customers what they expect: a rich messaging experience. Rich messaging improves customer engagement with GIFs, images, videos, and more—leading to optimized performance.

What is rich messaging?

Rich messaging is an advanced version of text messaging that includes interactive media such as high-resolution photos, messaging cards, emojis, and GIFs—giving customers a sensory-rich shopping and customer service experience. With rich media messaging, you can:

  • Process secure transactions
  • Schedule appointments with a tap of a button
  • Send reminders, confirmations, and notices
  • Increase engagement with compelling content

What is a rich channel of

A rich channel of communication is any messaging channel that delivers multi-media messages along with plain text to give customers an interactive experience. Customers use the messages app on devices such as the Apple iPhone, Google Pixel, and Samsung Galaxy to receive and interact with rich messages.

For years, customers had to go out of
their way to interact with

From shopping to customer service, that meant long lines and time spent on hold. With a rich messaging service, you can meet customers where they are and deliver experiences they’ll enjoy. Interactive online shopping and instant customer service only scratch the surface of how you can delight customers with rich messaging.

Build trust with brand recognition.

Quality customer interactions create brand loyalty and a strong reputation. Rich messaging delivers high-quality, attention-grabbing experiences customers will come to associate with your company. A consistent experience with images, branding, content, tone of voice, and a verified business profile builds recognition and trust.

Increase sales with fulfillment on-

Whether it’s an impulse buy or a well-researched purchase, businesses can use rich messaging to guide customers on their shopping journey one step at a time. From engaging advertising to product advice and integrated payments, rich messaging gives customers an end-to-end e-commerce journey that refines the shopping experience and increases customer satisfaction.

Upgrade your customer communications with
Quiq’s rich messaging platform.

Boost business results with rich messaging.

80% of consumers find rich
messaging appealing.

And 74% say it makes them more likely to communicate with a brand. Enhance your conversations by including images and videos to create visually compelling content for your brand. Make it easy for consumers to view these rich card options with a carousel or buttons.

51% of consumers are more likely
to buy if they receive messages
with images and media.

Rich messaging makes it easy for customers to shop from a mobile device and choose between options with interest-grabbing images. Quiq’s rich messaging tool lets you make online shopping an interactive conversation.

67% of people would rather make
appointments via text than
scheduling by email or phone.

Delight customers and save time by moving them from a phone call to rich messaging to schedule appointments. Customers can choose from suggested time slots, using easy-to-read icons and buttons, and have it added to their calendar.

50% of US consumers make
direct purchases after they’re
sent a branded text, coupon, or
QR code.

Rich messaging makes it simple to send offers and handle transactions via text. Customers can purchase with the click of a button. Using Apple Pay or Google Pay, your business can provide a secure way to complete transactions.

75% of millennials prefer texts for
deliveries, promotions, and

Proactively sending confirmation and delivery messages to customers decreases customer inquiries and increases customer satisfaction. Rich messaging allows you to take it up a notch with images and descriptions.

Less than 5% of scheduled
appointments are canceled after
a customer gets a text reminder.

Missed and rescheduled appointments cost businesses money. Text reminders with rich messaging cards can include a personalized time and date along with directions so customers can easily find their way. And if they need to reschedule, it’s as simple as responding to the message.

TechStyle Customer Support Text Messaging


CSAT score for the experience


of users migrated to Messenger from calling support
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Take it from TechStyleOS, who integrated a “Skip the Month” feature into Facebook Messenger. Using rich messaging features inside Messenger, with best practices like conversation starters, the beloved fashion brand was able to boost engagement and CSAT—while reducing call volumes.

Why partner with Quiq to enable rich

Quiq’s AI-powered Conversational Platform gives agents one place to manage incoming and outgoing customer communications. Quiq can be deployed as a stand-alone application or seamlessly integrated with your existing CRM. Built with enterprise-grade capabilities, Quiq can help you reduce operational costs and improve the customer experience. We’ll work with you and your systems to create a messaging strategy that operates smoothly for agents, delights customers, and drives business results.

One platform for all of your rich
messaging needs.

Each rich messaging channel has different capabilities, rules, minimum response times, acceptable use policies, and APIs. When you partner with Quiq, you don’t have to develop and test rich messages for all channels. Messaging from your preferred channels comes together into one intuitive dashboard where agents respond and send messages in real-time or asynchronously.

Support one—or all—of these rich
messaging channels with Quiq.

Quiq’s software automatically converts messaging into the richest format possible, optimizing performance for each channel. With Quiq, you can choose to support one or all channels with the same amount of effort:

Make rich messaging your go-to for customer
communication with Quiq.