With text message advancements and consumer preferences evolving, businesses are adopting new rich communications to transform their customer experiences.


Take business text messaging to the next level

Improve customer engagement and deliver optimal performance with the best messaging platform for sms and mms. RCS messaging and business chat is allowing customers to engage with business messaging in a richer format, as it was intended.

Top Brands Are Using Rich Messaging

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What is rich messaging?

Rich messaging is an entirely new way to communicate with your customers on the channels they already prefer. Share interactive media like high res photos, messaging cards, emojis, gifs, and make secure purchases with rich messaging.

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The evolution of SMS

Rich messaging is an entirely new way to communicate with your customers on the channels they already prefer. Share interactive media like high res photos, messaging cards, emojis, gifs, and make secure purchases with rich messaging.

More Engaging Experiences

Enhance your conversations by including images and videos to create compelling content for your brand. Make it easy for consumers to view these rich card options with a carousel or buttons on RCS business messaging.

Easier Product Selection

On a mobile device, rich messaging makes it easy for customers to choose between options in a view they are accustomed to. Apple Business Chat is a fluid experience consumers expect.

Schedule Appointments

Delight customers and save time by moving them from a phone call to rich messaging to schedule appointments. Allow them to pick a time with suggested time slots and have it added to their own calendar as well.

Complete Transactions

Rich communication enables your customers to make purchases with the click of a button in the conversation. By using Apple Pay or Google Pay, your business can provide an easy and secure way to complete transactions.
blue left quotation marks has created a superior customer experience personalizing interactions with customers and engaging them at their convenience.


What is a rich channel of communication?

The top rich messaging communication channels are provided by Apple and Google via their operating systems and mobile devices. Those channels are Apple Business Chat, Google’s Business Messages, Google Rich Communication Services (RCS) and this rich media messaging can be found within the messages app on devices such as the Apple iPhone, Google Pixel, and Samsung Galaxy Note.

Business Messaging Channels

Apple Business Chat
Google’s Business Messaging
Google Rich Communications Services (RCS)
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Rich messaging across messaging channels

Every messaging channel has different types of rich messages and message formats. To develop and test rich messages for all channels would be a huge effort but on the Quiq platform, understanding messages is a breeze and they are automatically transformed into the right format optimizing performance for each channel. Businesses can choose to support one or all channels with the same amount of effort.

Rich communication services and business chat is used across industries


Order Confirmation

Customers like it when they receive a confirmation message in their messages app and better yet when it includes an image and description of their purchase. Give them the ability to track their package for greater peace of mind.

Subscription/Online Services

Upcoming Appointment Reminder

With our busy lives, we can all use a reminder. Messaging cards can include a personalized time and date along with directions so customers can easily find their way.

Banking/Credit Unions

Payment Past Due

Sometimes all that is needed is a little nudge. Members are more likely to follow up on past due payments when a timely reminder can alert them of when payment was due and external links make it easy to make a payment.


Upcoming Reservation

Add an extra special touch with visually appealing messages to make guests feel more welcome. Include the dates of their stay and allow them to message back so you may take every opportunity to provide the highest level of care.

Rich messaging makes ¢ents

With Quiq, your messages aren’t limited to text alone. We make it easy to connect with customers in dynamic and engaging ways, so the conversation never falls flat. The end result is increased customer satisfaction and more conversions.

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