Quiq Insights

Optimize AI and contact center performance with easy-to-use data analytics.

No more flying blind.

Quiq Insights is like a powerful microscope for your data. With Insights, you will make more informed business decisions. Insights allows you to understand everything about your customers’ digital interactions with your company—from AI effectiveness and conversation analytics to agent performance and utilization. Insights was designed to make it easy for a business user to analyze data. No team of data scientists needed!

How Insights works.

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What can your team do with Insights?

Fine tune your operations.
Quiq Insights allows you to analyze and optimize every step in your customer experience, whether with a bot or a human agent. Key metrics like agent handle time can be calculated on segments and time periods. Agent performance and quality can also be analyzed by individual, team, queue or other custom dimensions.
Identify customer trends and patterns.
With Quiq Insights you can analyze how and why customers are contacting you. For example, you could use Insights to understand the most common issues handled by bots or to understand which types of issues are most often escalated to human agents. With Insights’ drill-down capabilities, you’ll discover how long it takes agents to solve those issues. Armed with this knowledge, you can make product and service improvements to eliminate these issues in the future.
Optimize AI automated resolution.
Quiq Insights shows you the flow of customers through your chatbots so that you can immediately identify opportunities for improvement. By monitoring performance over time, you can ensure that your bot is providing the best experience and is optimally effective.

What sets Quiq Insights apart from competitors?

  • It just works

    Quiq Insights is a core part of the Quiq Platform, which means you don’t worry about extra effort or additional cost to analyze your AI, customer experience, or agent performance data.

  • Seamless channel integrations

    Quiq Insights works seamlessly across all Quiq messaging channels. Quiq’s key metrics can also be published to your CRM for omni-channel reporting with phone and email.

  • Easy to use

    Insights was designed to be easy to use so that CX leaders and operations professionals can get the data they need to manage their business—without a whole team of data scientists and programmers crunching data.

Get started with Quiq Insights today.

Three features make Insights a must-have tool.

Funnels typically consist of a series of steps that a user must complete, like adding items to a shopping cart or filling out a form.

Quiq Insights’ customizable funnels track the percentage of users who complete each step, so businesses can pinpoint problem spots and improve drop-off steps.

Funnels provide a way to view a series of events that occurred during a customer’s interaction with your organization.

Funnels in action.

If you see a high percentage of users dropping off at a particular step in the funnel with Quiq Insights, the changes you make can lead to increased engagement and better CSAT.

Perhaps more importantly, you’ll be able to learn more about your customers’ preferences (and how they are changing) by tracking the funnels’ performance over time.

Insights’ funnels can be created from a multitude of events. And filters help you eliminate unnecessary data, since you can apply them to see exactly the data you want to analyze.

Quiq Insights can filter data by time intervals and segments. Intervals allow the administrator to select the period of activity they want to view, while segments use your defined criteria to show usage data. For example, there may be a segment on SMS, which would only include sessions that started on SMS.

Filter usage for specific time intervals and or segment usage by platform, contact point, customer tier, or any custom field.

Insights provides not only aggregated metrics, but also the ability to drill down into a metric and view or export the conversations that contribute to the metric.

Insights also allows you to drill into the conversations that exited from a flow, so that you have 360 degree view into the data on every conversation that entered the funnel.

No more uncertainty. Insights allows you to get to the ground truth of your data.

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