Text Surveys Platform

Increase ROI and CSAT with customer survey messages.


increase in survey participation


average CSAT increase


average survey response rate

Get the information you need to give customers
what they want.

Surveys are like a virtual 1:1 conversation with your customers—giving you insight and feedback into how they see and feel about your business. With Quiq customer surveys, you build it once, automate it with Quiq bots, and receive the info you need to increase performance and revenue.

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Data-driven insights at your fingertips.

The key to improvement is knowing what to focus on. Surveys give you a window into your customers’ wants, needs, and perceptions so that you can make informed business decisions based on real feedback. Quiq’s integrated surveys can run on all of our channels—giving agents the ability to offer a survey at any point during a customer conversation and allowing customers to share their thoughts immediately.

Higher response rates and happier customers.

When it comes to asking for customer feedback, timing makes all the difference. With Quiq surveys, you can collect feedback from your customers right from their favorite messaging app or chat window resulting in higher response rates and CSAT at a fraction of the cost compared to the competition.

With Quiq’s in-channel surveys, you can see:

  • Up to 40% increase in CSAT
  • Up to 5X increase in survey participation

Start collecting feedback with Quiq
surveys today.

Text surveys built to meet your goals.

Do you need a customer survey built to test product ideas, measure business performance, or gather social proof? With Quiq surveys, you’re covered. Quiq supports CSAT score questions, NPS, FCR, and even free-form textual responses like Any feedback for our company? We’ll work with you to identify and build surveys that meet your goals and deliver the greatest ROI for your business.

Back up your surveys with bot power.

Quiq surveys launch after the agent ends the conversation, so they don’t have to change their current workflow to gather results. With our bot platform working behind the scenes, surveys can be adjusted in real time. For example, if a customer gives a low score during a survey, the bot can transfer the customer to an escalation queue to remedy the issue instead of moving them on to the next question.

Partner with Quiq for a more-intelligent survey.

Quiq bots conduct surveys using Quiq Conversation Rules—rules that support the design of custom routing workflows for human agents and chatbots based on information about the conversation (e.g., source, sentiment, keywords, etc.). When you work with Quiq, you’ll gain a partner with the expertise to help you identify which surveys meet your needs and which channels to deploy them in—all with the power and customization you’re used to getting from Quiq in your customer communications.

See how Quiq’s in-channel surveys increase responses to give you insight into your most-important metric—customer feedback.