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Why Quiq + SAP Service Cloud?

The Quiq integration with SAP Service Cloud enables brands to simultaneously manage customer communications across channels like WhatsApp, Apple Messages for Business, Google Business Messages, Facebook Messenger and web chat. Conversations can be resolved by Quiq’s industry leading AI or by agents working in Quiq’s AI Contact Center. All conversations are recorded in tickets and associated with SAP contacts.

Quiq supports all popular channels.

Quiq’s omnichannel, asynchronous messaging platform allows AI Assistants and human agents to capture leads and customer service cases where your customers are. That means all popular messaging channels, including:

  • WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger
  • Apple Messages for Business
  • Google Business Messages
  • SMS/Text Messaging including Google Verified SMS
  • RCS/Rich Business Messaging
  • Twitter Direct Messages
  • Asynchronous web and in-app chat

Harness generative AI for messaging experiences.

Using Quiq + SAP means your company can create AI-powered experiences with generative, brand-safe language that feels human and personalized.

Full data integration with SAP.

Quiq messaging channels plug seamlessly into SAP Service Cloud. This means that messaging conversations are automatically associated with SAP Contacts, and SAP cases are created for messaging conversations. Messaging looks like just another channel in Service Cloud!

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