Outbound SMS Messaging Platform

Deliver messages at the
right time to customers with
outbound SMS.

One platform for all your outbound text messaging needs.

Quiq’s Outbound SMS Messaging brings all of your outbound messaging together into one intuitive platform—empowering your business to message customers about the things that matter most, and when they matter most. Whether you’re sending a single direct message to your customer or tens of thousands of messages at once, Quiq has you covered.

Proactivity leads to two-way

One of the most effective ways to provide technical support, send shipping notifications, and create sales alerts is to use outbound messaging—a service-side feature in which a company representative contacts potential customers directly. And with Quiq, if customers have follow-up questions or want to place an order, they can reply to connect with a bot or one of your agents.

Send 1:1 or 1: many with confidence.

Today, customers have smartphones nearby nearly every minute of the day. Two-way outbound notifications empower your business to send information right to your customers’ mobile devices. In no time, send one, or one million, messages from short or long codes with Quiq’s high-capacity messaging platform.

Send customers a text message they’ll
happily read.

It’s a fact: Email open rates average 21.5%. And the next generation of consumers doesn’t email at all. You can replace any transactional email you send today with a text message notification. Unlike email, text messages have a nearly 100% read rate. Want to see a lift in engagement? Send an outbound SMS message!

Make an impression with rich
outbound messaging.

Go beyond plain text with rich notifications, including cards with images, links, and buttons, to help consumers respond easily. With Quiq’s unique multi-channel messaging platform, you can send a message, and Quiq will automatically transform it into its best form across channels—whether it’s Google Rich Business Messaging, Facebook Messenger, Apple Messages for Business, or just SMS.

Get started with outbound messaging today.

Drive sales and increase satisfaction across industries.

  • Retail


    Retailers can eliminate 15% of inbound calls by sending package notifications to reduce “Where is my order?” calls and divert post-delivery inquiries from the phone to text messaging.

  • Field Service

    Field Service

    Field service companies reduce rescheduled appointments and wasted technician time by confirming customer appointments beforehand via business SMS.

  • Travel


    Travel companies increase passenger satisfaction by proactively sending real-time mobile updates via text with itinerary updates.

  • eCommerce


    E-Commerce businesses can increase sales and CSAT by making each stage of the online shopping experience frictionless with two-way customer communication.

Design experiences customers will

Quiq’s Outbound Messaging makes online shopping more convenient by delivering messages about what matters right to customers’ mobile devices. Whether it’s a dinner and a show ticket confirmation or baggage and flight updates, keeping customers up-to-date with relevant information eases them along the customer journey and answers their questions before they have the chance to ask.

Communications like these create
happy customers:

  • Confirmations and reservations
  • Shipment and delivery notifications
  • Reminders and updates
  • Fraud alerts
  • Application or claim updates
  • Inventory updates
  • Support status
  • Special offers or sales

Give agents the tools to excel.

Quiq’s AI-powered Conversational Platform gives agents a single hub to manage all your customer communications, from inbound inquiries to outbound messages. This intuitive dashboard allows agents to interact with more customers at a time in the richest format possible. Quiq’s messaging API has standard integrations that seamlessly add messaging to your existing employee experience.

Features like these create happy agents:

  • Inbound Messaging

    Outbound and inbound messaging capabilities from a single dashboard

  • Continuous Thread

    Continuous messaging thread of past conversations

  • Customer Data

    Full view of customer data through an extensible UI that displays information from other internal systems

  • Bots

    Bots to welcome, route, or even resolve customer issues

  • Routing

    Advanced capabilities like transfer, routing, and queuing to direct customers to the right agent or department

  • Adaptative Response Time

    Adaptive Response Timer prioritizes customer conversations based on how slowly or swiftly the customer engages

  • Rich Media

    Rich messages automatically transformed into the richest form possible based on the customer’s messaging channel and capabilities

Simplify your business messaging with Quiq.

Quiq’s AI-powered Conversational Platform delivers a seamless customer experience while driving conversions—revolutionizing the way customers and companies stay connected. No matter which messaging channel your customers prefer to use, we’ll help you build a messaging strategy that incorporates best practices, and we’ll customize it to your unique business needs.

Ready to see how outbound messaging can improve customer satisfaction and outbound sales?