Get the Point Across With Business SMS

Quiq’s Outbound SMS business solution empowers your business to quickly send information to customers about the things that matter. Messaging gets it done!

High Volume Outbound Messaging with Reply

Push the information your customers want to know right to their mobile devices. In no time, send 1 or a million messages from short or long codes with Quiq’s high capacity business sms platform. If customers have follow-up questions or want to place an order, they can simply reply and be connected to a bot or one of your employees. Responses are automatically routed based upon the topic or campaign of the message.

Rich outbound cards and replies on Google RBM
Outbound notifications, sent at the moment of need iPhone example

Make Sure Your Message Is Received

It’s a fact – email fails to get the point across more than 80% of the time. And the next generation of consumers don’t do email at all. Any transactional emails you send today can be replaced with a text message notification. Want to see a 98% read rate? Send a message!

Agent or API

An outbound communication can be started in many ways, for example:

  • A loan collections representative could craft a personalized, one-to-one message to a client using Quiq’s Outbound UI. Replies could be routed directly back to the representative or placed in a queue to be handled by anyone.
  • A marketer could send an offer to consumers who have opted-in to receive promotions by uploading a file of phone numbers/messages. Replies could be routed to bot or human agents based upon the campaign.
  • A retailer could connect the delivery status received from shippers to Quiq’s Notify API to send messages with links to track packages. Replies could be routed to an order status bot or a customer service rep to handle product inquiries received post order.
Agents can initiate conversations
Google RBM rich outbound message

Rich Outbound Messaging

Go beyond plain text with rich notifications, including rich cards with images, links, and buttons to help consumers respond with ease. With Quiq’s unique multi-channel messaging platform, you can send a message and Quiq will automatically transform it into the richest form possible, whether it’s Google Rich Business Messaging, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Apple Business Chat, or just SMS.

Outbound Reporting

Get valuable insight on how your outbound messaging performs. Quiq gives you insight on the messages that have been delivered and who is responding to your efforts.

topics screenshot on desktop

Your Business SMS Solution

Quiq’s business SMS platform is revolutionizing the way customers and companies stay connected. No matter which messaging channel your customers prefer to use, Quiq is there to deliver a seamless customer experience, while driving conversions. Ready to see the power of business messaging? Click the button below to receive a self-serve demo to see the power of messaging for yourself.

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