Google's Business Messages Channel

Expand your messaging
capabilities with the scale of

Meet customers where they are and create connections
that count with Google Business Messages’
conversational experience.

More than 92% of online searches
happen on Google.

Google’s Business Messages makes it easy for consumers to search and connect with your company directly through Google Search and Maps. With Business Messages, customers can click the “Message” button presented in the search results to start a text conversation with your company.

Connect with customers on their

The number of customers who report they’d rather text a business than make a phone call increases each year. In fact, more than half of consumers prefer texting with customer support over calling. Google messaging is an easier, more convenient way of engaging with a company. And on top of that, agents can handle 6-8 conversations at a time compared to just one phone call. You can connect with your customers on their terms by enabling Google Business Messages through Quiq’s conversational message platform.

Drive business results and delight customers
with Google business messaging.

Be there at the moment of need.

When you combine the power of Google’s Search with Maps, you differentiate your business by giving customers an effortless way to connect with your company. They may be looking to find your address, phone number, or hours. Presenting the option to chat uplevels your brand, but it also caters to customer preference.

Increase customer satisfaction.

When customers have an engaging personal interaction with agents representing your brand, they’re more likely to tell their friends about it—and come back to your business for future needs.

When you team up with Quiq to enable Google messaging, you can give your customers an experience to remember with rich messaging features such as:

  • Carousels
  • Quick reply chips
  • Photos
  • Typing indicators
  • Visual shopping, and more has created a superior customer experience, personalizing interactions with customers, and engaging them at their convenience.
Jimmy Budnik VP of Customer Care

Empower your customers with
asynchronous customer service.

Google Business Messages puts the customer in the driver’s seat by letting them engage with customer service agents at their convenience. For instance, if a customer reaches out with a question and then steps away, a response is waiting for them when they return so they can pick back up where they left off without missing a beat.

Why pick Quiq to be your Google
Business Messages partner?

To set up and optimize your Google messaging program, you need to work with an approved Google Business Messages partner, like Quiq. When you partner with Quiq, we’ll help you every step of the way to drive business results and delight customers with a conversational messaging experience.

Give your agents the right support.

Quiq is the AI-powered conversational platform for the world’s best commerce and customer service teams. Quiq’s messaging platform brings all messaging conversations into one place and enables agents to connect with multiple customers at the same time. So your agents have the support they need, and your customers get the service they expect.

Ready to see how Google Business Messages can set your agents up for success and delight your customers?

Let us show you how Quiq’s messaging platform can be customized to meet your goals.