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Boost your brand image with attentive customer service on Twitter

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Twitter direct messages

Deliver exceptional customer experiences on Twitter.

Combine social connection with customer care for happy customers and a positive brand image. Quiq’s Conversational AI Platform makes it easy for your business to interact with the nearly 400 million registered Twitter users to deliver memorable customer service—including secure payment processing.

Give your customers something to Tweet about.

Customers are on Twitter, and they’re bringing up brands in their Tweets. Use Twitter business messaging to connect with your customers and treat them to a great customer experience. Over time, you’ll build solid relationships and positive brand associations. And as a bonus, they might just Tweet about it.


of surveyed Twitter users mentioned brands in their Tweets over 15 times in seven months.


of surveyed Twitter users mentioned a brand in their Tweets during the survey measurement period.


of Twitter users were exposed to a brand-related Tweet in over one month.

Turn moments of need into moments of delight.

Tweets—even customer service-related Tweets—happen in a public forum. So a positive interaction can make your customer happy and show others what it’s like to engage with your business. If an issue takes over 280 characters to resolve, agents can send Twitter Direct Messages.

The Twitter DM API allows you to send in-depth messages enhanced with rich messaging features. The message goes directly to your customer to ensure privacy but is still on Twitter’s platform—eliminating platform-hopping and increasing customer satisfaction.

75% of customers on Twitter want fast responses.

And more than half want brands to respond consistently. Customers use Twitter because they appreciate receiving direct and immediate support. When customers have a problem, they post a Tweet to get an answer versus going through longer traditional customer support channels. With Quiq, you can combine chatbots with live agents to deliver consistent customer service any time, day or night. Customer service through Twitter is more accessible for customers and businesses—and it’s a faster way to connect and respond.

Create customer experiences they’ll Tweet about. Add Twitter Direct Messages to your customer communications with Quiq.

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Why partner with Quiq?

With Quiq, you can use Twitter Direct Messages to send rich messages, GIFs, videos, and suggested replies. More than just a Twitter DM bot API integration, Quiq is a strategic partner. We’ll work with you to integrate Twitter Direct Messages into your customer communications—and set your agents up for CX success with our messaging platform.

A state-of-the-art messaging platform for seamless customer care.

It’s more important than ever to delight customers with positive interactions across all your messaging channels, including social media. Quiq’s AI-powered Conversational Platform merges messaging conversations from various apps and platforms—like Twitter—into one easy-to-use dashboard where agents can connect with multiple customers at once.

Everything you need to evolve your Twitter strategy.

The Twitter API integration allows you to automate and consolidate customer service conversations. But when you incorporate Quiq, the channel can become an integral part of your customer engagement strategy. Your Twitter strategy will benefit from all of Quiq’s unique asynchronous messaging platform capabilities:

  • Continuous messaging thread of past conversations
  • Full view of customer data through an extensible UI that can display information from other internal systems
  • Snippets, or pre-built responses, allow agents to send replies to common questions, including rich messages
  • Bots to welcome, route, or even resolve customer issues
  • Advanced capabilities like transfer, routing, and queuing to direct customers to the right agent or department

Find out how you can integrate Twitter Direct Messages into your customer engagement strategy with Quiq.

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