Social Care That’s Direct
And To The Point

1-1 Customer Engagement on Twitter

Quiq Messaging makes it easy for your business to interact with any of the 700 million registered Twitter users with speed and ease. Quiq’s multi-channel UI allows your employees to accept, manage, and resolve issues on Twitter Direct Messages alongside other messaging channels.

May No Tweet
Be Ignored

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Twitter direct messaging for business is convenient

Manage customer inquiries on Twitter Direct Messages

Engage your customers with a direct, 1-1, on-going conversation on Twitter. Some customer issues can’t be resolved in 140 characters or less. With Quiq, you can send rich messages, gifs, videos, and suggested replies to customers through Twitter Direct Messages for a better customer experience. Twitter is just another channel in Quiq’s cross channel messaging platform allowing your employees to leverage all of Quiq’s power to serve your customers on Twitter.

Turn Moments of Need
Into Moments of Delight

Combining the best of Social Care and Contact Center

With Quiq, Twitter will be an integral channel in your customer engagement strategy, benefitting from all of Quiq’s asynchronous messaging platform capabilities:

  • Continuous messaging thread of past conversations
  • Full view of customer data through an extensible UI that can display information from other internal systems
  • Snippets, or pre-built responses, allow agents to send replies to common questions, including rich messages
  • Bots to welcome, route, or even resolve customer issues
  • Advanced capabilities like transfer, routing, and queuing to direct customers the right agent or department
quiq bot messaging on desktop screenshot


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