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The Risks and Limitations of LLMs

ChatGPT has risks, but LLM use in customer service is different.

LLMs - What are they and what is Quiq doing uniquely with them?

Learn about the latest AI and how it can improve CX.

How AI is going to change customer service

Quiq's CEO Mike Myer and SVP of GTM Christian Brucculeri discuss how the latest advancements in AI will impact and change the customer service industry.

What should CX leaders be doing now with the latest AI?

Is the latest AI ready for customer service use?

LLM Intuitions – Part 1

How text is encoded and processed by AI.

LLM Intuitions – Part 2

The fundamentals of how AI reads text.

LLM Intuitions – Part 3

How AI generates written language.

LLM Intuitions – Part 4

Transformers take reading and writing to the next level.

LLM Intuitions – Part 5

The birth of LLM’s and powerful language skills.
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