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Quiq’s world-class Conversational AI Platform helps CX and service teams like yours reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

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Customer service

75% CSAT
Blue Nile
Double-digit improvement in customer satisfaction
Agents average 8 conversations when busy vs. 1 phone call at a time
Tailored Brands
85% peak self-service rate
Lane Bryant


70% increase in sales interactions
Blue Nile
20% reduction in inbound call volume
30% savings with messaging vs. phone
Tailored Brands
4x conversions + 20% increase AOV
Lane Bryant

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What else sets Quiq apart?


Help 6-8 customers at one time.

Asynchronous (or “async”) conversations aren’t time-bound. For example, when a friend texts you, you may reply right away or hours later. And you can text multiple people at one time. Compare that with a phone call, which has a defined start and end. You can only have one at a time. This is the power of async for your business: agents gain context to better meet customer needs, and can serve 6-8 simultaneously.


Seamless for agents and customers alike.

A great customer experience feels consistent and is easy—no matter where the experience happens. From texting and web chat to social media, Quiq conversations are frictionless—for customers and agents. On the agent side, all conversations come through one simple interface, regardless of channel. And customers will come to trust you to provide stand-out service that meets their communication preferences (all while saving you costs).