Messaging Payment Integrations

Complete sales and
increase revenue.

Messaging-based payments turn conversations into cash.

The power of payment integrations lies within the convenience for customers and the peace of mind knowing credit card details are secure.

Accept payments across all
messaging channels.

Quiq’s conversational commerce payments enable brands to safely and securely accept payment across all Quiq-supported channels, including:

Empower customers to pay their way.

With Quiq’s messaging-based payment solution, your customers can shop and complete transactions via their channel of choice—no matter where they order from.


attributable revenue in four weeks


reduction in abandoned shopping carts


more likely to convert to a sale

Help your agents perform their best.

Let conversational AI-powered bots handle the busy work and free up your customer service agents to resolve issues, make suggestions, and expedite transactions faster. With Quiq’s instant insights and conversation history, they’ll spend higher quality time with more customers. You’ll realize more cash from conversations—and build loyalty with customers who have best-in-class experiences with you.

Always safe and secure.

Sharing sensitive information over the phone, especially in public, is risky and a hassle for customers. Create a seamless conversational commerce experience while providing a greater level of convenience and security for customers. Credit card information is passed securely without ever being exposed to the agent or anyone who happens to be within earshot.

Get started with payments today!

Natively integrated with Stripe and Braintree.

Quiq offers a native pay integration with both Stripe and Braintree, enabling fast, secure, and reliable payment collection. Whether your customer prefers manual credit card entry or Apple Pay, our native integrations with these powerhouse processors support all popular payment methods.

Build powerful payment flows configured through Quiq’s dashboard. Payment requests can be triggered through actions such as initiating a checkout within a text message or manually initiated by a human or virtual agent.

With Stripe and Braintree, you get the security of a PCI-compliant service delivered across all of the messaging channels your customers use.

Learn how it works.

The benefits of payments through messaging channels.

  • Speed


    From implementation, integration, and beyond, our team is dedicated to making it easy for your customers to find, engage, and pay you effortlessly. Our simple, intuitive agent desktop means minimal training is needed to get agents productively managing messaging channels.

  • Cost


    Quiq by default redacts credit card numbers and never stores the data. If a credit card number is identified within a messaging conversation, it is immediately masked before it is stored in any part of the system which keeps your brand and your customer safe.

  • Chat


    With Quiq, you’ll pay by conversation, not per seat—so as your workforce changes, you’ll have the flexibility to add or remove agents to fit your needs. When demand spikes, automation tools like chatbots can manage payments without the need for human agents.

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