Instagram for Business

Drive agent efficiency
and customer loyalty
with Instagram business

Instagram for Business - Drive agent efficiency and customer loyalty

Why enable the Messenger API for Instagram with Quiq?

Our software helps you make the most of messaging with Instagram’s features, so you can connect in real-time with your customers on the channel while your agents continue to work within the same UI.

Why choose Instagram as a channel for your brand?

Your target audience is probably on Instagram discovering brands, shopping, and buying. From direct messaging (DM) and shop inquiries to story replies and post comments, your customers want to talk to you on Instagram. The Instagram messaging API makes managing high volumes of customer messages easier—so you can turn conversations into the outcomes that matter for your business.

Instagram For Business - Customer Connect

Increase efficiency with automation.

Instagram offers dynamic automation features—like Ice Breakers for customers to start conversations, and Quick Reply to help them navigate automated flows. Adding Quiq’s conversational AI to the Instagram messaging API means it’s even easier to set up AI responses to repetitive questions—cutting down inbound volume to your human agents.

Quiq Instagram for Business Increase efficiency with automation.

Dive deeper into conversational
commerce with Meta.

Earn loyalty and revenue with guided
shopping experiences.

Be ready to drive revenue when customers DM your brand to ask questions about your products or services. You’ll want to take advantage of the product link templates Instagram offers—and partner with Quiq to ensure you’ve optimized related API features to create the very best customer experience.

Quiq Instagram for Business - Earn loyalty and revenue with guided shopping experiences.

Control your brand with private
replies done right.

Instagram’s DM capability is a powerful tool to privately engage people who publicly address your company. Whether they post a negative comment, ask a product question, or simply show some brand love on your Stories, Quiq helps you make the most of 1:1 conversations. Sometimes that means moving a negative conversation off the public platform and winning them over privately. Other times, it means guiding buying experiences with product recommendations or engaging with brand advocates.

Instagram’s DM capability is a powerful tool to privately engage people

Level up your brand’s #IG strategy.

Your agents will love Instagram
business messaging.

Adding Instagram with Quiq is convenient for your customer service agents. They’ll keep one view of all conversations in our platform—including those on Instagram—freeing agents up to focus on more high-value conversations.

Your agents will love Instagram business messaging.

Quiq supports all of Instagram’s core API requirements:

  • Instagram for Business - Labeling

    Inbox labeling and message categorization

    We support inbox labelling and filtering/categorization levels, so your message processing flows will be smooth and orderly.

  • Instagram for Business Live Agents

    Path to live agents

    Quiq enables escalation or handoff to human support agents whenever automation is involved, creating a seamless experience for both customers on Instagram and agents on Quiq.

  • Routing Instagram for Business

    Robust agent routing functionality

    Easily redirect messages to different queues or agents to handle situations when other departments need to be involved.

  • Content Handling

    Expert content handling

    Quiq’s content validation/invalidation checks ensure immediate removal of content deleted by users—including properly processing the deletion webhooks sent by Facebook and not storing any ephemeral content.

  • Closed Threads Icon

    Marking threads as closed

    With Quiq, it’s simple to mark a thread as processed or closed and hide it from the queue, so your agents’ inboxes aren’t filled with resolved or non-actionable threads.

  • Analytics Icon

    Access to analytics

    Your team will love using Quiq to see and analyze key metrics that they care about, including:

    • Message volumes
    • Engaged users
    • Average response time
    • NPS and CSAT
    • Category or types of messages received
  • Icon Gear

    Simple admin console

    Managing Instagram account access, permissions, and admins is a breeze with our software, as is configuring HOP settings.

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