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With Quiq’s Conversational Engagement Platform you can design conversational experiences your customers will love. Orchestrate conversational interactions involving both bots and humans. Any combination of native Quiq customer service chatbots, bots developed in third-party chatbots frameworks and human agents can participate in a conversation. Third-party chatbots to native bot to human?  We got that. Human to third-party bot and back to human? That too. Any way you like.

The Conversational Engagement Platform manages the conversation lifecycle and passes context and custom metadata along between every human and bot that might be involved. And, because Quiq has been architected to be multi-channel, you only have to build a bot once and it automatically runs all messaging channels.

Bots and Humans Working Together

Unlike other chatbot solutions that just insert a bot at the front of a conversation, both native and third-party bots for business are first-class citizens in Quiq, capable of participating at any time in a conversation just like human agents:

  • Customer service bots are assigned to queues and have conversations routed to them through Quiq’s routing rules
  • Customer service bots can add custom data to the conversation, just like an agent would from the UI
  • Agents can transfer a conversation to a customer service bots to get some help, for instance to ask some questions, and while the bot interacts the agent can observe, just like collaborating with another agent
  • Quiq’s SLA’s apply to bots too, so if something goes wrong and a bot stops responding, the conversation will automatically be re-routed
  • Managers can manage bots just like humans, including observing bots in conversation and taking over if something is amiss

A Few Quiq Bots for Business Examples

Here are just a few ways our clients are using bots in Quiq to streamline efficiency and improve customer experience. We can help you develop conversational workflows for your unique business requirements.

Messaging welcome bot

Welcome/Routing Bot

Create a bot that immediately greets your customers and starts gathering information to determine the nature of the customer’s inquiry. Use that information to query internal systems to get background information and then route the customer directly to the appropriate queue or agent.

Customer service troubleshooting bot example on an iPhone X

Troubleshooting Bot

Use a Troubleshooting Bot to walk through diagnostic steps to isolate an issue. In order to keep things manageable, you can build many different bots to diagnose different problems and use Quiq to seamlessly transition between bots so that your customer never knows. Agents can even invoke a troubleshooting bot to help out at any time in the conversation.

feedback bot screenshot on iPhone

CSAT Feedback Bot

Customer satisfaction is one of the most important metrics, but getting enough feedback can be a challenge. Use a customer service chatbot at the end of your messaging interactions to measure CSAT. It’s possible to have a participation rate 4-5 times greater than other channels because it’s easy for a customer to text back their thoughts.

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Your Chatbot Solution: Write Once, Run Everywhere

Because Quiq was built to support conversations on many channels, bot developers don’t have to worry about individual channel nuances. Bots can simultaneously handle conversations on different channels without any channel-specific knowledge in the bot. Because Quiq is flexible, it’s also possible for a bot developer to access channels in their native form as well.

screenshot of Quiq bot on facebook messenging
Quiq bot customer service over SMS
screenshot of Quiq bot chatting with a customer
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