Customer AI Assistants

Increase CSAT, self-service & savings with next-gen AI.

How Quiq deploys LLM and Generative AI assistants
to improve your CX and lower costs.

Next-gen AI-powered assistance.

Large Language Models (LLMs) like OpenAI’s GPT4 or Google’s Gemini have incredible language comprehension, generation, and reasoning capabilities. As a result, customer assistants built with LLMs are more natural, contextual, and capable when answering questions.

Replace complex IVR flows with Voice AI.

Upgrade your cumbersome IVR call tree with AI that can understand language and interact like a human agent can. No more screaming “agent” or pressing 0 to get out of IVR jail. And since Quiq supports the seamless combination of text messaging with voice, customers get a much better multimodal experience.

Safely accelerate your AI journey with a single assistant architecture.

Put AI in front of customers or agents, and drive adoption across customer touchpoints with Quiq’s proven and safe Conversation Design Blueprint in AI Studio.

Seamless handoff to agents.

For inquiries that need an agent, seamlessly hand them off to human agents working in the Quiq Conversational CX Platform or a third-party agent desktop. Your assistant works harmoniously with Quiq’s AI Contact Center. Customers win with an uninterrupted experience and your agents can handle high-risk & complex interactions efficiently with best-in-class async communication tools.

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Why customer AI assistants?

Your customers will receive responses that are tailored directly to them — just like your best customer service agent provides. This wasn’t possible with previous technology. At its best, personalization used to mean using a variable/template to address customers by name (“Hi {{name}}, here’s an article that may help”). Now you can offer a truly contextualized, personal, helpful response (“Hi Sue, to fix your model E1000 espresso machine, first remove the left cover…”).

Answer routine questions with AI on voice and native messaging channels and free up your agents to help customers who have harder issues. Dramatically improve the percentage of customer interactions that are resolved through voice & digital self-service.

Deliver delightful & convenient multi-modal experiences with seamless voice and digital interactions. Personalized, interactive, and conversational responses are a better experience than searching FAQ articles and static flows. Instead of trying to listen and remember all the details when selecting an option to reschedule your flight, wouldn’t it be easier to get a text and see the options on your phone?

Quiq combines LLMs with semantic search, your knowledge sources, and internal systems to provide a custom assistant that can solve issues like a Tier 1 agent can across all of your messaging touchpoints.

When your customers ask questions, they’ll get concise and personalized answers back without hallucinations. As a result, you’ll resolve 30-80% of existing inquiries with an LLM-powered assistant.

In addition to training on knowledge, Quiq can enable customer data by integrating with systems beyond knowledge, such as order management, product feed, or CRM data. Data integration means you can go further to programmatically resolve inquiries, like “Where Is my order?”, “What’s my account balance?”, “I need a refund” and more.

Quiq’s analytics and reporting provide enterprise-grade observability of your assistants’ effectiveness and customer conversation analytics that matter to the contact center.

Agents can deal with the interactions that require the most human intuition and judgment, leaving routine inquiries to automation.

Welcome to the modern voice experience.

With Quiq’s Voice AI, you can use the latest advancements in speech recognition and generation coupled with LLM-powered AI to deliver a responsive Q&A experience via phone. Now customers can self-serve when they call you, reducing your need to hire extra support staff as your business grows. At the same time, customers enjoy on-demand digital convenience with an easy handoff from voice into mobile messaging channels, should they prefer to communicate asynchronously.

Scaling CX with Quiq’s Voice AI:

  • Improves customer happiness through personalization: Help customers accomplish more through an assistant that’s capable of answering not just FAQs, but also transactional inquiries across sales and service.
  • Increases agent efficiency: Voice and digital automation can collect important information upfront for agents, increasing their efficiency. A seamless handoff to your human agents means your customers don’t get frustrated by repeating themselves.
  • Integrates into your IVR & telephony tech stack. Plus, transcribed and full voice recordings can be sent to your QA/intelligence platform.

Deploy next-gen AI safely. Control your destiny.

There’s no doubt about it. LLMs will hallucinate. You need a platform that was built to detect and eliminate inaccuracies. Our solution has built-in fact-checking and safeguards. And our team of experts will help you make sure your AI assistant is on brand and compliant, all the time.

AI Studio is the platform for building AI for CX.

Building AI takes a team, product managers, conversational designers, business analysts and engineers. AI Studio is built for AI Builders, regardless of their skillset. AI Studio supports the full AI-building process from data collection and access, design, testing, debugging and analyzing performance. It features ground level observability and traceability of everything that AI does, so that you can be confident that AI is working the way you want.

Build or buy? With AI Studio, get the best of both worlds.
We can build your assistant for you or you can build and maintain the assistant yourself using AI Studio. If you are thinking about building or buying AI tools, you don’t have to choose with Quiq.

Elevate your customer support with Quiq AI Assistants.

How Quiq deploys LLM and Generative AI assistants
to improve your CX and lower costs.

Increased self-service rates by 3X to more than 50% automated resolution.
Doubles intent-to-book metrics with 89% CSAT.
Hit a 60% resolution rate and increased CSAT by 42%.