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Upgrade your contact center to the next level of performance.

Agents and their managers appreciate Quiq’s AI-powered workspace that supports all modern channels and drives speed, efficiency, and agent retention.

Response Authoring

Robust agent response tools.


Quiq Agent AI Assistant.

Quiq Agent AI Assistant suggests complete answers as responses during a customer conversation.

The Agent AI Assistant is built with AI Studio, which means that it can be grounded in data from any of your enterprise systems—including internal knowledge, case history, and systems of record.

Now your agents have a trusted and skilled co-pilot which can suggest answers beyond knowledge, and help agents execute on transactional business processes.

Save agent work time.
Suggest saves up to 30% of typing time, allowing agents to resolve inquiries faster.

Lower average handle time.
Suggest reduces the amount of time it takes an agent to have a conversation with a customer which makes customers happier and agents more productive.

Reduce new agent ramp time.
Suggest helps make new agents as good as your best agents, giving them shorter ramp times to productivity.

Improve customer and agent experience
Give every customer the experience of working with a top agent, and make it easier for agents to know what to say.

Increase response quality
Agents often send the same, repetitive messages. Now you can ensure they are accurate, fast, and consistent across the business without literally repeating the same words.


Quiq Compose.

With Compose, an agent can respond to a customer inquiry with typo-laden, informal language, and Compose will generate a well-written response that has good grammar, uses empathy, and is clearer.

Compose leverages Large Language Models (LLMs) to ingest an outline of an agent response and generate a well-written alternative. Then, the agent can review the rewritten message and hit send.

Improve agent satisfaction
Compose makes agents’ jobs easier by crafting the perfect responses so they can focus on the right answers.

Reduce agent costs
Quiq Compose lowers the language skills required from agents.

Boost agent response time
Since agents only need to type terse notes, they can handle more inquiries faster.



Quiq Snippets are pre-written and reusable content bits that your agents can insert into a conversation with just a few keystrokes. To support the complex needs of enterprises, Snippets can be configured by brand, agent skills or use case.


Complex business processes? No problem.

Quiq was built to handle enterprise business processes. Whether it is picking the best available agent, overflow based upon load, priority placement based upon a customer’s importance or custom business rules to determine whether to route to AI or humans, Quiq’s flexible business workflow engine handles it all.



Getting customers questions to the right agent with the right expertise at the right time is crucial for contact center efficiency. Quiq has up-leveled all the traditional contact center routing techniques to work in the world of asynchronous text messaging.

Quiq’s routing is easy to setup and maintain, so that as business requirements change your contact center workflow can always be in lock step.



No one wants wait in queue. Quiq helps to minimize the wait. If customers are waiting in one part of your contract center and agents are available in another part, Quiq’s advanced workflow can move those customers so that they can be helped.

That’s just one example of the many types of enterprise workflow that Quiq supports. If it makes sense for your business, Quiq can handle it.


Conversation Rules.

Conversation Rules are the backbone of Quiq’s dynamic workflow.

Want to collect survey feedback from customers contacting support but not from sales prospects? No problem. Want to automatically escalate customers that are upset? Quiq’s got that. Want to move important customers to the front of the line? Quiq has that too. Conversation Rules are designed to be highly configurable to handle the most complex needs of enterprise contact centers.

Speedier CX
Keeping agents engaged and productive leads to faster customer support.

Improve quality
Matching a customer’s question to the agent with the right expertise means that the customer will get the best answer.

Increase CSAT
By optimizing your workflow, customers will get better answers, faster.

Talk to us about Quiq can modernize your contact center.


Your customers are busy. Be there when they need you.

One of the things that makes texting so popular is that it fits in with people’s busy lives. Conversations can be paused and continued whenever there’s a spare moment. Traditional contact centers can’t handle pauses, but Quiq is different. Our platform is designed for asynchronous conversation management, allowing customers to interact at their own pace and freeing agents to help other customers in between.


Inactive Conversation Status.

Because Quiq was built from the very beginning for asynchronous communication, conversations aren’t just open or closed as in traditional contact centers. Instead, conversations can also be paused if a customer gets busy or distracted and then automatically resumed when the customer is ready again. In between, agents help other customers and are ready to pick up the conversation when the customer returns.

Quiq’s support for asynchronous conversations applies to all messaging channels including web chat. It is no longer necessary to disconnect a customer that didn’t respond right away. This can save 25% or more of total conversations that are abandoned with traditional web chat.


Adaptive Response Timer & Response Obligations.

Some customers are more actively engaged than others. Quiq’s Adaptive Response Timer dynamically prioritizes conversations and coaches agents to respond first to customers that are most engaged.

Response Obligations monitors conversations with AI to understand which party (agent or customer) is expected to respond next. By accurately knowing when it is the agent’s turn to respond, Quiq can remind the agent that the customer is waiting and if necessary transfer the conversation to another agent if the assigned agent is unresponsive.


Conversation Summarization.

When a conversation was previously assigned to an AI Assistant or other agent, agents need to get up to speed quickly so they can solve the customer’s issue. Summarization helps your agents by leveraging AI to create a concise recap of the conversation. It is also useful for managers to review an agent’s performance later.

When the conversation is closed, the summary is stored along with the conversation. It can also be synched it to your CRM platform, analytics tool, or other system of record for analysis.

Boost customer loyalty
When your customers are able to text you when they want, they will be tightly connected to your brand.

Increase efficiency
Eliminate disconnected and restarted conversations with the best async conversation handling in the industry.

Improve your CX
Make sure your response times meet your customer’s expectations.


Tools for managers to actually support agents.

Agents stress out due to inadequate training and coaching. So, your contact center managers need to guide them effectively during customer interactions, boosting overall performance. With our collaboration tools and agent insights, team leads can offer real-time assistance and on-going coaching, reducing agent stress and improving team performance.



Your agents can invite managers or other team members to collaborate in the background on a conversation to resolve particularly challenging issues or to gain approval for special handling.

A customer doesn’t have any idea their issue is being solved by a team – all they know is that they just got an amazing experience!


Agent Observation, Whisper & Barge-In.

From Quiq’s reporting dashboard, managers can monitor the performance of their team in real-time. They can observe conversations and if they see a coaching opportunity, they can whisper (collaborate) recommendations to the agent in the background.

And if a manager sees a real problem they can barge-in (forcibly take over) and then handle the conversation themselves while at the same time providing feedback for the agent in collaboration.


Reporting & Insights.

Optimizing your agent and contact center performance requires detailed metrics. Quiq’s Agent Insights module delivers unsurpassed insight into key contact center metrics and agent performance. Segments can be created to compare teams and performance can be trended over time.

Pre-built Insight Playbooks provide managers answers to common questions like “Are my agents online when they should be?”, “Do I have too many or too few agents?”, “Who is my most productive agent?” and “What agent efficiency tools do I need to coach my team to use more?”.

Optimize agent performance
With the knowledge gained from Quiq Insights and Quiq’s coaching tools, managers are empowered to raise team performance.

Reduce agent turnover
Agent satisfaction is improved when they can get help in realtime and aren’t stuck in difficult situations.

Make your customers happier
Happiness is infectious. Happier agents make happier customers.


No need to rip and replace.

Quiq lives right within your CRM and seamlessly incorporates data from your internal systems, like orders and account info. Agents need the full context from your internal systems to effectively answer customer questions. Seeing the complete picture means your agents can provide personalized service based on each customer’s unique needs and history.


Easily modernize your contact center tech.

Enable digital capabilities at hyper-speed. Quiq has standard integrations with the world’s most popular CRMs so that your existing investment in systems and business processes can be preserved.


Agent workspace extensions.

Agents need real-time data to answer customer questions speedily and accurately. The UI extension framework within Quiq’s Contact Center AI solution allows you the ultimate flexibility to bring in data from any third-party system & accelerate productivity for your agents.


Seamless handoff with AI Assistants.

Quiq’s AI Studio and AI Contact Center work seamlessly together allowing for a smooth handoff between your AI Assistants and agents. And if you’ve built your own bots in another technology, Quiq also provides the same smooth transition between your automation and human agents in Quiq.

Fast return on investment
Because Quiq already has standard integrations with the most popular CRMs, you can be up and running fast without a big investment.

Integration friendly
Quiq uses the latest API patterns and tech, making it easy to use your data from internal systems in Quiq and push data to your systems.

Start simple and grow
Quiq is designed to be extensible but not complex. You can start with a straightforward implementation and gradually add integrations as you grow.

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