7 Tips to Increase Customer Survey Response Rates

You’ve learned about the benefits of customer surveys. (Maybe you even read our blog post 3 Key Metrics to Go After in 2022 and took it to heart.) You decided which surveys are right for your company, put together a few different types, and placed them throughout your customer journey… …And you got crickets. Without any responses [...]

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Social Commerce 101: Tips and Tricks

You already know that e-commerce is booming. But what about social commerce? For years, businesses have primarily used social media for marketing. Now, selling through social media is not just possible—it’s prospering. Even if you haven’t heard of it before, your company is likely already engaging in social commerce. It falls under the e-commerce umbrella, but it [...]

Quiq Congratulates Customers on Newsweek’s Best Online Shops 2021

Learn why eCommerce brands must turn to automated, self-service solutions that successfully contain order-related inquiries while providing instantaneous order updates through the messaging and conversational channels that today’s customers prefer.