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6 Ways to Improve Online Retail Customer Satisfaction with Messaging

Online retailers are experiencing more natural engagement with customers, reduced service costs, and reductions in workload from messaging. In this post, we'll discuss the five ways messaging impacts online retail customer satisfaction.

How to Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs with Messaging

How do customers find your business? Does your company frequently sponsor podcasts? Do you heavily lean into paid digital advertising? What about SMS marketing? Here’s the ultimate question: What do all those methods cost you to get a customer in the door? That’s right—we’re talking about customer acquisition costs. It’s a metric every business owner should know [...]

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Part 2: 10 Criteria for Choosing the Best Messaging Vendor

Messaging is the next disruptive technology for the contact center. Consumers are demanding the ability to communicate via messaging with brands and businesses. As noted in Part 1, the interest, preference, usage, and demand for consumer-to-business messaging is evident, with the majority of U.S. consumers preferring texting over the current methods of reaching customer support (eWeek).

6 Ways to Boost Customer Retention—and Stats to Know

So much time and effort is spent on customer acquisition. Marketing and sales consistently combine their efforts to attain the most customers at the lowest price. But few businesses dedicate as many resources to customer retention. And that’s a big mistake. Keeping customers happy and continuing to buy from your e-commerce business deserves (and often requires) as [...]

9 Reasons Why Customers Want to Text You

People love their phones. The average American will spend nearly a month and a half (44 days) on their phones in 2022, according to a survey from Reviews.org. And they check their phones a staggering 344 times per day—up 31% from 2021. But making a phone call? That they don’t love. So if people aren’t making calls, what are [...]

Best Practices for Call Center Agents

No, the call center isn’t dead. In the last few years, digital channels have seen tremendous growth. People can go online to find answers, send a text, chat with a bot, or even reach out on social media. But while the industry’s focus has shifted to text-based communications, call centers aren’t going anywhere. Last year, Salesforce reported [...]

Social Commerce 101: Tips and Tricks

You already know that e-commerce is booming. But what about social commerce? For years, businesses have primarily used social media for marketing. Now, selling through social media is not just possible—it’s prospering. Even if you haven’t heard of it before, your company is likely already engaging in social commerce. It falls under the e-commerce umbrella, but it [...]