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5 Types of Customer Service Software for E-Commerce Businesses

Customer service takes more than a team of hardworking agents. It takes a solid technology strategy, too. E-commerce brands, in particular, face chaotic customer service challenges. Between omnichannel support, the demand for 24/7 availability, and higher overall requests, there’s a lot to manage.  Unfortunately, it’s getting even more challenging. Many retailers know their customer service needs to [...]

Top 3 Things to Know About Apple Business Chat

How much do you know about Apple Business Chat? We know what you're thinking. Not *another* messaging platform.  But hear us out. Business Chat is one of the most organic messaging experiences you can offer your customers.  There’s no denying that Apple knows how to create a great customer experience. From their Genius Bars to their MacBook [...]

7 Customer Experience (CX) Predictions for 2022

The last two years have been hard to predict. Actually, it’s been hard to predict what will happen in the next few weeks, let alone for the entire year. While we may be sick of hearing about unprecedented times, we can’t deny that the last two years have turned multiple industries upside down. The pandemic forced many businesses [...]

5 Ways to Outpace Your Competition in 2022

What’s it going to take to outpace your competition in 2022? We’re heading into the new year, and it seems like there’s a lot stacked against us. But even as talent shortages loom large and supply chain issues continue to slow down sales across industries, it’s your customer service that will help you outpace your competition and [...]

Business Messaging 101: Best Practices by Channel

If you haven’t heard yet, business messaging is a big deal. We’re moving away from endless phonebanks and multi-hour wait times to multiple business messaging channels. And customers love it. 89% of customers would like to use messages to communicate with businesses, reported Twilio. The pandemic accelerated messaging popularity in 2021. According to Zendesk’s 2021 CX Trends [...]

Is Your Service Center Busy? Don’t Turn Off Messaging!

Knee-jerk reactions happen. It gets busy. You see your agents struggling. And when your agents are overwhelmed, it’s natural to want to go back to what you know. So you turn all your agents to the phone while turning messaging off. But this can make things ten times worse. Instead of controlling the funnel of customer requests, [...]

3 Key Customer Success Metrics to Go After in 2022

With jingle bells ringing and cash registers chiming, it’s clear we’re still smack dab in the middle of the holiday rush. But off in the distance, you can hear an orchestra play the first few familiar notes of Auld Lang Syne. 2022 is quickly approaching, and you’re likely gearing up for new initiatives, process changes, and everything [...]

Dreading Customer Experience Snags Over the Holidays? You’re Not Alone.

Your dread of poor customer experience is justified: The holidays are going to be tough on retailers this year. It’s already proving to be a mess of a season. Between supply shortages, delivery delays, and a smaller labor pool, holiday shopping can prove difficult this year.  And customers know it.  68% of shoppers are either very or [...]

How to Communicate with Customers Effectively

When customer service is at its busiest, it might be time to get back to the basics: Your team's ability to effectively communicate with customers.  Customer service teams are overwhelmed during this time of year, and shoppers are getting more frantic as the holidays grow closer. Unfortunately, this is when basic customer communication standards can go out [...]


7 Ways to Get Ahead of Holiday Customer Service Issues

Do you hear that? The tingling of bells… The unpacking of thousands of twinkling lights… the entire retail industry taking a deep breath in anticipation of customer service issues… While everyone is jumping for joy at the coming holiday season, you’re a little less enthused. You know that while it’s lucrative, it’s also extremely tough on your [...]