How Customer Service Is Evolving in 2020

As we enter the new decade, experts across all industries are making predictions about emerging trends. Customer service is no exception. One thing is clear: Customer service as an industry is becoming increasingly digital.

Consumers today are busier than ever. When it comes to customer service, they don’t want to spend time making phone calls and waiting on hold to speak to a representative. Instead, consumers are increasingly turning to digital avenues for their customer service needs.

Digital, asynchronous conversations are replacing time-consuming phone calls because they allow consumers to text, chat, and messaging whenever its convenient for them.  Expect to invest in digital customer service in the coming year.

2020 Customer Service Trends

If you want your business to grow in 2020, keep an eye on these emerging customer service trends for the ever changing digital age:

1. Consumers Will Look to Social Media for Customer Service

If your company is still leaving your social media channels in the hands of interns, 2020 is the time to rethink your strategy. Your customer service experts should be dedicating their time and resources where most of your audience will be — and that’s on social media.

Almost 70% of consumers have turned to social media at least once in search of resolutions for customer service issues. Make sure your company is prepared to provide them with a good experience.

2. Companies Will Invest in Automated Customer Service

While there are some customer service scenarios that will always need a human touch, advances in technology are making automated customer service more and more viable.

Algorithms and machine learning can help your business in a variety of ways, from fraud detection and prevention to improved product search and — you guessed it — customer service. Automated, intelligent chatbots can assist customers with simple inquiries, while your skilled customer service representatives tackle more challenging issues.

3. Customers Want Real-Time Support

When customers have questions about your products or services, they want immediate access to a service representative through texting or live chat.

By offering real-time support, on asynchronous digital channels, your company can reduce response time and boost customer engagement and satisfaction.

4. Services Will Have More Value Than Products

In 2020, consumers already have far more products than they need. Instead, a gradual shift has begun from shopping for products to buying experiences.

This doesn’t necessarily mean your company’s offerings need to undergo a dramatic change. But don’t underestimate the value of a good experience when it comes to customer service. A customer who has a poor experience with a company’s customer service is not only unlikely to return — there’s a good chance that they will also tell others about their experience. Every customer interaction can have a lasting impact on your company. Be sure to make it count in 2020.

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