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Site visitors expect to be able to answer questions easily, and a live chat solution ensures your businesses ability to maintain customer satisfaction is never more than a chat window away.

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Better customer experiences with the best live chat software

The user experience is paramount and website visitors are no exception. Consumers have come to expect the brands they engage with to have a live chat solution that gets them immediate help and assists in finding answers to common questions, easily, and on their own. In choosing a chat platform, it’s important to consider the customer experience and how site visitors are able to engage with a multi-channel messaging solution that provides the flexibility for customers to use their preferred channels as they move between each seamlessly.

Make engagement and conversations easy

A robust chat app will give your business the ability to connect with customers in a more natural way with greater ease to improve customer conversations. Live chat is the most straight-forward way to engage customers as they are actively interacting with your brand, directly from your website.

What is live chat?

Online live chat software enables businesses to have messaging conversations with their customers via their website. A web chat icon is normally present throughout the website, typically in the bottom right-hand corner, that enables website visitors to easily start a conversation to ask questions or get help in finding answers. The live chat messaging window can be staffed by a live customer service agent or a chat bot to quickly, in real-time, respond to customers and users on the website.

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What are the benefits of live chat?

Businesses that have enabled chat solutions are able to immediately have an impact on improving customer satisfaction, decreasing time to resolution, and increasing sales. When customers are calling, your business answers the phone.  The same should be true when customers are online chatting.  Never miss an opportunity for your business to turn digital conversations into cash.


Why is live chat important?

A live chat solution is important because consumer expectations are that they should be able to reach a business or brand, at any time, wherever they are, and particularly when they are on a businesses website. Brands don’t want to miss a chance to craft and provide a better customer experience and live chat software solutions make customer engagement with website visitors easy.

Not to mention, for businesses, if consumers can be served over messaging and via web chat, those are cheaper and more efficient conversations compared to a more expensive phone call, or even worse, abandonment.

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Certain people like to communicate via specific channels and with Quiq Messaging we are able to serve more people in the manner in which they want to engage. That’s a big win for us and our customers.


Tailor online customer experiences with a live chat solution

With a live chat software solution, agents are able to use visitor tracking and view customers as they are navigating the website. This is a unique chat feature that provides useful information for service and support teams to respond to or proactively engage customers’ with insights on what their interests may be based on their search history.


Many features of web chat enable businesses to respond to customers with the most up-to-date information. Chat history helps agents and managers keep track of past live chat conversations.  The same is true with chat routing which ensures conversations are directed to the right agent or bot based on questions the customer has asked or the processes in place to gain efficiencies in the business.

Website Chatbots for 24/7 Support

Take your website live with web chat and provide sales teams the tools they need to answer questions effectively.  Or simply enable a bot to provide an automated response when appropriate and ensure customers are never left hanging when they are trying to engage with your business. Management tools and real time analytics can deliver the insights necessary to provide better customer experiences at the moments they are most actionable, to engage customers and improve customer satisfaction.



Quiq’s business chat software delivers a simple
and personal experience for customers.


Behind the scenes, chat is just another channel in Quiq’s multi-channel business messenger software, allowing your employees to serve multiple customers on different messaging channels at once.

  • Use a contact form to collect information from customers prior to conversations
  • Preview what customers are typing so agents can get a head start on responses
  • Customers and agents see previous conversations for quick and easy reference
  • Use rich messages for a more interactive experience

Learn more about the pros and cons of implementing a live chat software solution with these live chat best practices.

Be up and running in 24 hours and start online chatting today.