Unlock the power of conversations

Quiq combines AI and human agents to increase efficiency, drive revenue, and improve customer satisfaction.

Convenient, AI-enhanced conversations between people and brands

Quiq is the Conversational Platform for the world’s leading commerce and customer service teams

Help more customers

Power always-on asynchronous messaging with conversational AI to communicate with customers when and how they choose—web chat, SMS, mobile, and messaging. Seamlessly handle routine inquiries by automating common flows like FAQs, order shipping status, returns, exchanges and basic account management. Quiq’s platform combines AI and human agents to help customer support and service teams increase efficiency, drive revenue, and improve customer and agent satisfaction.

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Conversational Care

Close more sales

Increase revenue by giving shoppers what they want: always-on product recommendations and assistance when they need it. AI-powered digital assistants deliver guided selling experiences that are context aware and proven to convert browsers into buyers, while our asynchronous agent platform connects customers to agents when appropriate. Quiq fits seamlessly into your website and messaging channels like Instagram, SMS WhatsApp, Apple Business Messages, Google Messages, Facebook Messenger, and more.

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Conversational Commerce

What we do

Quiq is a Conversational Platform that connects businesses with current and future customers, delivering high-quality conversational experiences.

Omnichannel business messaging

Be where your customers are

People prefer messaging over SMS, WhatsApp, Instagram, and other messaging platforms to engage with friends and family. Quiq makes communicating with brands just as easy. The next generation of customer service allows bots and human agents to work seamlessly together to serve customers at all times, across all messaging channels. Quiq’s standard integrations to the most popular CRMs allow brands to adopt text messaging while preserving their investment in existing systems.

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Quiq Partners

No-code chatbots & conversational AI

Deliver a personalized customer experience with context-aware AI

A great customer experience begins with the first interaction a customer has with a brand. Quiq incorporates best-in-class Conversational AI to proactively engage with customers based on who they are, where they are, and what they are trying to do—all before involving an agent. Coupled with a robust set of conversational AI insight tools, including NLP training and labeling, conversation flagging and commenting, and flow analytics, the system is built for iteration.

For brands just getting started with automation, our no-code Bot Design Studio allows businesses to design their own bots and integrate with their internal systems. Our customers have leveraged Quiq’s Conversational AI, no-code chatbots and automation flows to help them:

  • Increase conversion rates
  • Increase average order value
  • Reduce abandoned shopping carts
  • Reduce support call volume
  • Deliver faster time to resolution with agent assistance
  • Improve efficiency with automated resolution

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Premiere Retail discount bundle

The next generation contact center

Asynchronously delight your customers

Quiq was built from the ground up for the next generation contact center. By seamlessly weaving interactions with human and virtual agents into one view, contact centers are more efficient, drive more revenue, and increase overall customer satisfaction. Features like inactive queues, sticky routing, Adaptive Response Timers, and customer sentiment analysis allow agents to better serve their customers.

By partnering with Quiq to build a next generation contact center, your agents will be able to:

  • Increase the number of customers they can serve at once
  • Better prioritize conversations
  • See when conversations need attention
  • Use automatic language translation to respond in their native language
  • Collaborate and/or transfer conversations to human or chatbot agents
  • Establish routing rules to deliver conversations to the right team

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Quiq Conversational Multi-Channel Conversations

A secure and reliable messaging partner

Quiq is the leading provider of enterprise-grade messaging and collaboration solutions. We offer enterprise-grade security, reliability, and SOC 2 compliance.

Reliable messaging is critical for any business. With Quiq Messaging, you don’t need to worry about your messages getting stuck in a queue or not being delivered.

Very few omni-channel business providers have adopted text messaging and thanks to Quiq, we are able to offer this innovative channel to our customers. Whether a customer is in the office or on-the-go, they are at the center of our business.
Casey Ahlbum Customer Relations, B2B & Digital Support

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