Conversational Commerce

Increase sales with
conversational commerce.


attributable revenue
in four weeks


reduction in abandoned
shopping carts


More likely to convert to a sale with a
shopping assistant bot vs. an
unassisted visitor

How Conversational Commerce works for you.

Quiq’s innovative Conversational Platform combines AI and human agents to help commerce teams drive revenue through new and repeat purchases, and improve customer satisfaction.

Always-on conversational commerce.

Conversational AI can be used for lead generation, qualifying leads, answering questions, and scheduling appointments. It can also help to drive conversions by recommending products. Quiq’s conversational AI improves conversions and reduces service volume, all while delivering a best-in-market customer experience.

Guided selling improves results.

It’s not just about when, but why. Quiq’s advanced AI identifies where a customer is on their journey and guides them throughout their purchase process. Quiq works with you to create personalized interactions for every part of their web experience through a world-class software development kit. The rules engine identifies when a customer is in a particular part of their journey and engages them appropriately. For some customers, the engagement might be a proactive bot flow. For others, they may get fast tracked to talk to a human agent. Boiled down—Quiq identifies and engages customers with proven and tested treatments.

Don't leave sales on the table.

Integrate seamlessly with your data.

Quiq makes it easy for businesses to connect their customer data across all systems and channels. Our powerful data integration engine plugs into the most common data management systems including ERP, business intelligence platforms, Ad Tech, and CRMs. Quiq connects to personalization tools like Yext, True Fit, Reflektion, and your customer data platforms to deliver 1:1, personalized experiences at scale.

Re-sell and upsell with ease.

Turn browsers into buyers by connecting or reconnecting with consumers through SMS, messaging platforms like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger, and social media channels such as Twitter and Instagram. Recommend complementary products to your customers, either during or after their shopping session. We offer real-time messaging, triggered messaging, and interactive content that works across all popular social networks and mobile messaging channels.

Rediscover cart recovery.

Quiq is a disruptive platform that helps retailers drive more revenue through messaging. Deliver automated messaging through multiple channels like SMS, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and more. Recover up to 20% of abandoned shopping carts by sending personalized messages with reminders, promotions, and other relevant content.


Improvements in agent efficiency


Lift in sales conversion rates
Piaget Logo
Piaget engaged with Quiq to design and deploy an automated assistant on their Facebook Messenger page to build sales-supported and customer care flows, and implement a handoff to human customer service representatives for clients looking to connect directly with a person.