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Conversational Customer Care and Service

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How Quiq works for your business

Quiq’s innovative Conversational Platform combines AI and human agents to help service teams increase efficiency, drive cost savings, and improve customer satisfaction.

Reduce volume by 30% with contextual AI

Make AI your first line of defense for customer service needs. Quiq’s NLP technology answers customer questions quickly and accurately. Unlike other systems that insert a bot at the front of a conversation, both native and third-party bots are first-class citizens on Quiq, capable of participating at any time in a conversation just like human agents.

Conversational Customer Service reduce call volume
Conversational Customer Service business text messaging rich messaging

Take business text messaging to the next level with rich messaging

Quiq helps you create, manage, and measure your business messaging presence on Apple Business Chat and Google’s Business Messaging. Whether your customers are finding you on Google search or searching for you on Maps you can improve customer engagement and deliver optimal performance with Quiq. Create engaging conversations with customers, provide 24/7 customer service, and deliver an exceptional experience across all devices—iOS or Android.

Convert expensive phone calls to lower-cost messaging channels

Moving calls to text messages saves you money. Agents handle multiple customer conversations, up to eight simultaneously, in a single, secure platform. Watch both your customer and employee satisfaction scores soar.

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Automatically translate messages

With Quiq’s language translation services, messages are enhanced to support the automatic translation of incoming and outgoing messages in a conversation. Automatically translate messages between customers and agents in over 100 languages across all asynchronous channels.

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conversational customer care surveys easy customer feedback higher csat

Seamless customer surveys

Getting instant feedback from customers shouldn’t be a hassle. With Quiq’s integrated surveys, companies can offer a survey at any point during a conversation. Customers can leave feedback within the channel, never being redirected to a different page. In-conversation surveys yield higher response rates and CSAT, all at a fraction of the cost as compared to the competition.

Effortless asynchronous communication

Quiq messaging is the best way to engage with your audience on their terms. We enable asynchronous communication across all channels so your brand and customer can communicate without the requirement that they be “present” at the same time. Quiq messaging is a game changer for companies looking to scale their digital strategy while simultaneously personalizing their customer experience.

Conversational Customer Service Better Experiences Driven by Messaging and Bots Asynchronous


Improvements in agent efficiency


Lift in sales conversion rates

In a short 5 months with Quiq, we converted 10% of phone calls to messaging, and we are on track to move 20% of our inbound calls to messaging.

– Director of Customer Experience

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