Large Language Model Powered Conversational AI

Harness the power of
Generative AI and LLMs
for your business.

And eliminate any risk with Quiq.

Quiq’s Conversational CX Platform seamlessly integrates Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT to help you resolve critical business issues—and take performance to a whole new level.

The solution is Quiq + LLMs.

Large Language Models (LLMs) have become famous thanks to ChatGPT, but Quiq leverages a range of language models that are trained on specific data sets and excel in various areas.

At Quiq, we’ve harnessed the power of LLMs and their Generative AI capabilities to enable customer and agent-facing conversations that are smarter and more contextual than the previous generation of NLU technology.

With Quiq, you can take advantage of the stunning language generation and reasoning unlocked by Large Language Models, while also ensuring you’ve got the proper guardrails in place to deploy in an on-brand, safe, secure, and enterprise-grade way.

Response accuracy.
Our prompt engineering and strict parameters ensure that your Quiq-built LLM assistant only generates responses based on the data and information that is relevant to your company, mitigating the risk of “hallucinations”, or your assistant making up answers.
Data and privacy security.
The first concern companies have about trying ChatGPT for business is data safety. All of the LLMs Quiq works with are covered by our SOC 2 compliance, and we have commercial agreements in place to ensure that customer data will never be used for training purposes.
Brand tone and safety.
Quiq’s guardrails ensure that the responses that an LLM assistant provides align with your brand tone and feel. We prevent your assistant from getting off the right track and saying incorrect things to your customers.

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What does Quiq’s LLM engine power?

Quiq’s LLM engine powers two core business applications: Customer-facing and agent-facing AI. Each of these has its own set of needs and uses, so let’s dive in.

Unique customer-facing AI built on top off LLMs.

LLM knowledge automation

Quiq AI assistants answer customer inquiries with state-of-the-art AI, like a custom version of ChatGPT just for your company. By leveraging an LLM along with your company knowledge, customers get concise and personalized answers without hallucinations, significantly outperforming traditional Knowledge Base search.

LLM data automation

Quiq AI Assistants answer customer inquiries with cutting-edge AI, combining the conversation power of ChatGPT with real-time access to internal data in your systems. By leveraging an LLM to help customers access their data, customers will get concise and personalized answers without hallucinations, as if they had a human agent looking at their account.

Extraordinary agent-facing AI for your next-gen contact center.

Enhance your contact center capabilities with Quiq’s Agent AI Assist, a powerful suite of conversational AI messaging tools that leverage AI-powered response mechanisms. These tools enable agents to operate with increased efficiency, achieve higher productivity, and ultimately deliver a superior customer experience.


With Compose, an agent can respond to a customer inquiry with terse, informal language, and Compose will generate a well-written response that has good grammar, uses empathy, and increases the clarity of the response.


With Quiq Suggest, AI learns how top agents responded to similar conversations in the past and then uses that knowledge to suggest responses for the current agent to send, or edit.

Gain insights into how your AI is performing.

Is a customer in a shopping flow, or are they looking for support? Are they revisiting your website to follow up on a purchase that they recently made? Quiq’s Automation Studio, coupled with our Insights reporting, makes it easy for you to identify intent, set the context of a conversation, and generate on-brand language with confidence.

Understanding customer intent is an essential first step—but we know that AI output is only as good as the data and prompts you feed it.

With Quiq, you can use that intent to proactively engage customers, route to sales or support more effectively—and gain insight into what’s working well and where you can make improvements.

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