The Channel Of Choice
By, Well, Everyone.
Text Messaging.

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The Channel Of Choice
By, Well, Everyone.
Text Messaging.

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Business Text Messaging

Give connected customers what they want. Let them engage with you on your existing phone numbers over the channel of their choice – SMS text messaging. Moving calls to text messages saves you money. Employees handle multiple customer conversations with ease. Watch customer satisfaction scores soar.

Text Messaging:
Digital-First, Last &

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Customers know and love text messaging

Your customers want to connect on their terms and mobile messaging is the channel they prefer. Quiq Messaging allows your customers to reach you on their favorite mobile messaging channels. There’s nothing new to learn or download. Exchange images, video, gifs, and emojis with customers, just like they do with their family and friends.

  • Supports TCPA best practices
  • Conversations start and stop at customer’s convenience
  • Conversation history visible for quick reference
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At The Moment of Need

Employees prefer text
messaging too

Employees, like your customers, already use business messaging channels every day. Quiq Messaging allows employees to easily handle multiple conversations at once with tools that help them quickly prioritize and manage conversations in a single, cross channel, easy-to-use interface.

  • Conversations automatically prioritized based upon customer expectations
  • Visual cues that alert employees when a conversation needs attention and guarantee overall SLA achievement
  • In-conversation collaboration facilitates teamwork to solve customer issues
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​​​​​Asynchronous Communication
Now…Or Later​​​​​

Managing conversation lifecycle with bots

Highly responsive customer experience

Need to handle hundreds or thousands of simultaneous text messaging conversations with customers? No problem. Our robust capabilities will keep your team effective and efficient.

  • Queuing, transfer, collaboration, and SLAs standard
  • Establish routing rules to deliver conversations to the right team
  • Set response time goals to meet specific objectives
  • Automatic responses when you’re not available
  • Conversations handled by humans, bots or both


Why use a business messaging service?

Quiq’s business messaging platform allows you to speak the language of your customers. When customers can reach out to you whenever and however they want, they are more likely to stay engaged with your brand as a whole.

  • Unlike email, text messages have a near 100% read-rate
  • Quiq’s messaging solution lets you send one or a million messages with the click of a button.
  • When you get the word out, you can be confident customers are paying attention.
Customer service troubleshooting bot example on an iPhone X

The new era of chatbot technology

Humans and bots can work together to deliver a seamless customer experience for your customers.

  • With Quiq’s messaging platform you can use native chatbots or third party chatbots in any of the channels we support.
  • At any step of the customer journey, a chatbot can be there to offer support or collect information.
  • Seamlessly weaving chatbots and human agents within your mobile messaging channels provides customers with a superior experience.

A richer chat experience

Your mobile messaging channels aren’t limited to simple text capabilities. Quiq’s rich messaging platform allows you to engage using interactive media such as images, cards, and gifs.

  • Process secure transactions via rich messaging.
  • Customers can make or reschedule appointments easily, adding it to their calendar with a tap of a button.
  • On iOS devices, your customers can even envision your products in their own world using Augmented Reality messaging.
Apple Pay rich messaging transaction example using an iPhone X

See Quiq
in Action

Quiq’s business messaging platform allows your business to engage with customers in a more effective and dynamic way. To fully understand how easy it is to manage all of your business messaging channels, you have to experience it for yourself. Request a self-serve demo today.

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