How Chatbots Are Improving Troubleshooting With Customers

How Chatbots Are Improving Troubleshooting With Customers

In the past, customer support professionals needed to answer all tech support questions from customers, either online or over the telephone. As digital technology has become more advanced, chatbots have transformed the way companies across industries handle customer support. These bots answer basic troubleshooting questions, reduce the workload for human agents, and decrease the amount of time customers must wait to receive help.

Today’s chatbot IT support platforms have the ability to recognize and answer multiple versions of simple questions by drawing on a company’s FAQ page and other resources. While chatbots cannot replace human agents, they can work alongside them to provide benefits for both customers and tech support staff.

24/7 Access to Solutions

When customers have technical issues with a product, they want to resolve the issue quickly, whether they are reaching out to customer support during business hours or in the middle of the night. When companies answer tech support inquiries in a timely manner, they strengthen customer loyalty and increase the likelihood of future sales. Chatbots allow companies to provide basic 24/7 tech support without requiring agents to work late or early shifts.

Automatic Answers to Basic Questions

IT support agents spend lots of valuable time answering the same basic questions. With customer support chatbots resolving simple inquiries, agents have more time to focus on fixing complicated and high-priority issues. In addition to freeing up agents’ time, tech support bots increase customer satisfaction by providing automatic solutions to basic problems that might otherwise prove frustrating.

Improved Agent Efficiency

Conversational engagement platforms like Quiq enable tech support bots to participate in conversations alongside human agents, making chatbot support the ideal tool to improve help desk support efficiency.

Depending on the situation and the company’s needs, bots may gather information from customers before routing the conversation to a live agent, or an agent may transfer a conversation to a troubleshooting bot during certain parts of the conversation. While bots engage the customer, agents have the time they need to look up solutions to the problem or message other customers in the queue.

Integration Across Platforms

Customers want to communicate with tech support through the channels they prefer. While some customers prefer to message a brand through a website chat feature, others would rather resolve an issue through text messaging or social media. With Quiq, chatbots automatically carry conversations across multiple platforms while retaining the same consistent functionality.

Contact Quiq to Request a Demo

Quiq’s conversational engagement platform provides the features you need to implement chatbots across multiple tech support channels, including SMS, web chat, Apple Business Chat, Google RBM, Facebook and Twitter. With bots working in tandem with agents, customer support teams utilize human resources more effectively and boost customer satisfaction.

To learn more about Quiq’s chatbot solution, request a demo today.

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