5 Ways Chatbots Improve Customer Service

Chat bots for customer service

The 5 Reasons that chatbots help improve customer service experiences:

  1. Decrease customer abandonment
  2. Get faster, more accurate customer responses
  3. Prioritize customer conversations
  4. Get customers to the right place
  5. Schedule appointment reschedules

Why business messaging?

Business messaging is easy and convenient for consumers. Quiq’s robust messaging platform makes it easy for employees and managers to manage these customer conversations, while boosting conversion rates, increasing engagement, and reducing costs. This little slice of digital nirvana has Quiq’s clients thinking “It just doesn’t get any better than this”. Well, cue the confetti and noisemakers because surprise, it does.

Enter the business messaging bot – with a whole lot of swagger, I might add. You’ve probably heard a lot about bots lately and with good reason. These little marvels of code can help increase your agent productivity, while delivering an even better customer experience. We’re going to dive into 5 times business messaging bots made a conversation wit a customer faster and better, but before we do, let’s take a closer look at bots.

What are bots or chatbots? In the simplest terms, bots are computer programs that can carry on quasi-conversations, usually by recognizing pre-determined rules.

Let’s say, for example, you own an airline with a great reward program. With Quiq, you can create a bot that greets all your customers right away and asks them to enter their rewards number if they have one. Your bot, the Reward Bot, as she’s been so affectionately named, will use the information gathered to help recognize members of your reward program that have reached platinum status – the highest level that can be achieved in the rewards program. Reward Bot has been told that platinum status members should be routed to a special VIP queue where they receive a higher level of support. Done and done, consistently without hesitation.

Reward Bot can collect other information as well, such as confirmation numbers for reservations, updated email addresses, or contact numbers. All of this data gathering can be done before a human agent steps into the conversation. The bot has done the work to arm the agent with the information they need to deliver better service.

There are plenty of other ways bots can be used in messaging conversations, but for brevity’s sake, let’s just unpack our Reward Bot example and highlight 5 times the bot made the conversation better.

1. Decrease customer abandonment

First things first. Acknowledging a customer with a fast, friendly greeting lets them know that they’ve started on a path to resolution. Reward Bot was able to greet customers immediately while agents were busy. Agents may be busy with other conversations (we’ve seen agents handle upwards of 8 conversations at a time) but that doesn’t mean the customer can’t start engaging with your business with the help of a bot. Unlike a phone call, customers don’t have to wait stagnantly in a queue with their frustration building. A bot can collect necessary information such as name, reservation number, or other identifiers to help the human agent move the conversation forward faster.

2. Get faster, more accurate customer responses

Reward Bot was able to collect fast and accurate information. Customers can input data without creative ways of spelling out their name in the aviator’s alphabet “My last name? Ross. as in”romeo, “oscar”….uhh…“sandwich”, “sandwich”. C’mon, we’ve all done it. Bots help to avoid some of the human error when an “S” is heard as an “F” and the frustration that customers feel when they have to repeat the correct response, over and over.

Because it is messaging, the customer can see the data they’re providing and they can confirm right away if there is an error in the information. The customer can at least reference the information and catch any typo’s in their email address or the fact that they’ve provided their old phone number. It happens.

3. Prioritize customer conversations

Reward Bot was able to recognize our platinum rewards members so that they can receive the special attention loyal, repeat customers deserve. Bots can help you prioritize conversations in other ways too. For example, you can set rules within Quiq to recognize keywords such as “buy” or “purchase” to prioritize customers who may need help with a transaction. Depending on the situation, this may be placed at a higher priority than say a conversation for a password reset or one containing the word “return”.

4. Get customers to the right place

Just like our Reward Bot example above, chatbots can help route customers to the appropriate department, agent, or even another bot for help. A simple example would be a credit union with a bot that greets customers and simply asks “What can I help you with today”.

The bot can present suggested replies to the customer such as “Auto loan”, “Mortgage”, and “Savings and Checking” that the customer chooses from with just a tap of a finger. This information directly routes the customer to the appropriate department.

5. Schedule appointment reschedules

Reduce the delays and back and forth on email trying to schedule appointments. Appointment setting with business messaging and bots is faster and easier for your employees and customers. With Quiq business messaging you can present customers with available dates and times. Customers can choose and confirm a date from available calendar options.

In our particular example above, we didn’t get to see Reward Bot schedule an appointment, but I have faith in her. I bet she could do it. If needed, she could present travelers looking to change their reservation with alternative dates and times of a particular flight.

Implementing bots within your organization may seem intimidating now, but Quiq can help you navigate these waters. We can help you orchestrate bots throughout your organization, whether you need one or many.

With Quiq you can design conversational experiences your customers will love using native bots or third-party bots. Once you create a bot, you can run that bot across all of our supported channels to deliver a consistent experience no matter where your customers are. Set up some time to get your demo today and let’s talk bots.

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