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Optimizing Agent Performance

High performance teams demand more powerful tools. Features like Quiq’s Adaptive Response Timer (ART), bots, snippets, and sentiment analysis empower employees with time-saving tools so they can focus on helping customers.

Fast, Timely, and Efficient

Maximize Agent Productivity

So much of contact center efficiency hinges on equipping agents with the right technology. Quiq Messaging gives your employees what they need to access information and solutions quickly, in one simplified platform.

Manage multiple conversations in one place

Quiq’s single, unified desktop gives employees an organized, intuitive workspace to handle messages from any channel. Integrate 3rd party systems into the right-hand side of the agent desktop to arm agents with valuable customer data from your internal systems and say good-bye to jumping between multiple tools.

Automatically prioritize conversations

Multiple conversations are automatically prioritized based on the customer’s cadence, proactively moving the most important conversation to the top. Quiq’s proprietary Adaptive Response Timer provides visual cues to alert agents when conversations need attention, ensuring customers receive a great experience.

Eliminate repetitive tasks

Create pre-built responses, called “snippets”, for common questions. With snippets you can ensure customers all receive the same information regardless of who they speak with. Snippets can be created by either by your company or by agents, thereby allowing agents to streamline their own responses. Snippets are tied to keyboard shortcuts reducing the time it takes to respond. 

Monitor customer sentiment

Employees can easily detect shifts in customers’ moods during conversations with Quiq’s visual sentiment analysis. This feature helps agents and managers understand which conversations may need extra attention.

optimizing agent performance coaching with bots

Provide on-demand coaching

When agents need help responding to a difficult question or a challenging customer, they can invite peers or managers to join the active conversation via Quiq’s collaboration button. Agents may also seamlessly transfer messaging conversations to other employees without the customer ever knowing that multiple people interacted with them. Managers can monitor all active conversations and even choose to join or take over a conversation to ensure customer satisfaction levels stay high.


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