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Managing Operations

Time is money in a contact center. Well-informed, empowered employees are more likely to resolve issues faster and more accurately than those who lack the necessary tools. Quiq Messaging gives your team the advanced capabilities they need to drive efficiency and effectiveness, without sacrificing customer satisfaction.

Consistent, Reliable, and Responsive

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Maximize Efficiency

Quiq has the critical out-of-the-box capabilities that ensure all customer conversations are handled effectively by the best-suited agent. Increase customer satisfaction and first contact resolution with intuitive features that get customers to the right agent, department or team.

Single agent desktop across all channels

Single Desktop

Every conversation across all of Quiq’s channels are managed in a single, unified, easy-to-use interface. Employees can effortlessly handle multiple, cross-channel messaging conversations. The active conversation is front and center for the agent to work. Valuable customer data can be pulled in from 3rd party systems to better assist the employee.

Prioritized conversation view helps agent efficiency

SLA’s Guaranteed

Multiple simultaneous conversations are automatically prioritized in Quiq’s agent UI to make sure that response time SLA’s are met. Quiq’s proprietary Adaptive Response Timer provides visual cues to alert agents when conversations need attention and automatically re-routes conversations if SLA’s are not met.

Buil in powerful conversation queuing


Customers may need sales, service, or even the billing department. Conversations can be routed to queues based upon custom rules, making sure each customer lands with the agent best suited to help. Agents can be assigned to one or multiple queues.

Intelligent Routing

Agents can handle only so many conversations effectively. Set routing limits to ensure that agents are not overtaxed with conversations. You can even automatically route customers to the agent they may have previously been engaged with.

Agents transfer conversations


When agents need help, conversations are easily transferred to peers or managers. Conversation history gives the receiving agent context, so customers don’t have to hit the reset button and explain everything over again.


Agents can get a helping hand while in an active customer conversation by inviting a peer or a manager to the conversation. This request for help is done behind the scenes so the customer doesn’t even know. Managers can also use collaboration to observe and help new agents with conversations without disrupting the customer.

Managers can monitor customer conversations with representatives through their desktop

Manager Observation

Managers can observe agent conversations to get real-time insights on agent performance. Observations can happen “behind-the-scenes,” without the agents’ knowledge so that managers can observe and coach on the agents’ natural behavior. Managers can easily pick which conversations to observe based on Quiq’s sentiment analysis and choose to collaborate or take over conversations that may need extra attention.


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