AI Gold Rush: How Quiq Won the Land Grab for AI Contact Centers (& How You Can Benefit)

There have been many transformational moments throughout the history of the United States, going back all the way to its unique founding.

Take for instance the year 1849.

For all of you SFO 49ers fans (sorry, maybe next year), you are very well aware of the land grab that was the birth of the state of California. That year, tens of thousands of people from the Eastern United States flocked to the California Territory hoping to strike it rich in a placer gold strike.

A lesser-known fact of that moment in history is that the gold strike in California was actually in 1848. And while all of those easterners were lining up for the rush, a small number of people from Latin America and Hawaii were already in production, stuffing their pockets full of nuggets.

176 years later, AI is the new gold rush.

Fast forward to 2024, a new crowd is forming, working toward the land grab once again. Only this time, it’s not physical.

It’s AI in the contact center.

Companies are building infrastructure, hiring engineers, inventing tools, and trying to figure out how to build a wagon that won’t disintegrate on the trail (AKA hallucinate).

While many of those companies are going to make it to the gold fields, one has been there since 2023, and that is Quiq.

Yes, we’ve been mining LLM gold in the contact center since July of 2023 when we released our first customer-facing Generative AI assistant for Loop Insurance. Since then, we have released over a dozen more and have dozens more under construction. More about the quality of that gold in a bit.

This new gold rush in the AI space is becoming more crowded every day.

Everyone is saying they do Generative AI in one way, shape, or form. Most are offering some form of Agent Assist using LLM technologies, keeping that human in the loop and relying on small increments of improvement in AHT (Average Handle Time) and FCR (First Contact Resolution).

However, there is a difference when it comes to how platforms are approaching customer-facing AI Assistants.

Actually, there are a lot of differences. That’s a big reason we invented AI Studio.

AI Studio: Get your shovels and pick axes.

Since we’ve been on the bleeding edge of Generative AI CX deployments, we created called AI Studio. We saw that there was a gap for CX teams, with the myriad of tools they would have had to stitch together and stay focused on business outcomes.

AI Studio is a complete toolkit to empower companies to explore nuances in their AI use within a conversational development environment that’s tailored for customer-facing CX.

That last part is important: Customer-facing AI assistants, which teams can create together using AI Studio. Going back to our gold rush comparison, AI Studio is akin to the pick axes and shovels you need.

Only success is guaranteed and the proverbial gold at the end of the journey is much, much more enticing—precisely because customer-facing AI applications tend to move the needle dramatically further than simpler Agent Assist LLM builds.

That brings me to the results.

So how good is our gold?

Early results are showing that our LLM implementations are increasing resolution rates 50% to 100% above what was achieved using legacy NLU intent-based models, with resolution rates north of 60% in some FAQ-heavy assistants.

Loop Insurance saw a 55% reduction in email tickets in their contact center.

Secondly, intent matching has more than doubled, meaning the percentage of correctly identified intents (especially when there are multiple intents) are being correctly recognized and responded to, which directly correlates to correct answers, fewer agent contacts, and satisfied customers.

That’s just the start though. Molekule hit a 60% resolution rate with a Quiq-built LLM-powered AI assistant. You can read all about that in our case study here.

And then there’s Accor, whose AI assistant across four Rixos properties has doubled (yes, 2X’ed) click-outs on booking links. Check out that case study here.

What’s next?

Like the miners in 1848, digging as much gold out of the ground as possible before the land rush, Quiq sits alone, out in front of a crowd lining up for a land grab.

With a dozen customer-facing LLM-powered AI assistants already living in the market producing incredible results, we have pioneered a space that will be remembered in history as a new day in Customer Experience.

Interested in harnessing Quiq’s power for your CX or contact center? Send us a demo request or get in touch another way and let’s talk.

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