Molekule enhances CX with AI + hits 60% resolution rate

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  • Molekule embarked on a mission to redefine customer engagement in the air purification industry.
  • They aimed to provide a seamless, modern messaging experience for their customers across major mobile platforms, all while driving down costs and enhancing satisfaction.


  • Increase Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) by 42%.
  • Surpassed resolution goals with an impressive 60% resolution rate.
  • Enhanced accuracy and relevance of customer communications through AI-powered messaging.
Introducing AI-powered messaging has had a remarkable impact on our CX.
Jay Kershner
Vice President of Operations at Molekule

Pure personalization.

Molekule understood customer preference for personalization and sought to deliver a truly personalized experience. By partnering with Quiq, Molekule revolutionized customer interactions, offering a range of AI-driven solutions tailored to meet evolving needs.

The Quiq gist: Happier customers means better business.

Quiq enabled Molekule to:

  • Increase CSAT by 42% on average.
  • Surpass resolution goals by 20%.
  • Continuously refine the AI assistant for optimal performance.
  • Gain more useful data with custom Quiq Insights dashboards.

What’s next?

Molekule and Quiq are committed to ongoing innovation, ensuring that customers receive the best possible experience. Join us as we continue to push the boundaries of AI-driven messaging and shape the future of customer engagement.

Experience the power of AI-driven messaging with Molekule and Quiq. Download the full story to learn how we're transforming customer experiences, one interaction at a time.

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