LOOP auto insurance accelerates customer satisfaction with Generative AI

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Auto insurance


Austin, Texas


  • Low self-service rates and long hold times.
  • The need to develop branded, personalized customer experiences without increasing operational costs.
  • Establish an automation strategy with performance metrics.


  • On-brand AI Assistant with contextually relevant responses.
  • Relevant, accurate answers for customers to self-service.
  • Quiq Insights custom dashboards and analytics.

Shifting gears for good.

LOOP is driving the next generation of auto insurance by removing systemic bias from the equation and replacing it with equality and community.

Widely successful and respected by the many Texas drivers insured by them, LOOP team members have their eyes on expanding their high-quality products and services to other states. Their hope is that people all over the country won’t have to navigate insurance eligibility based on potentially biased factors such as gender, marriage status, or credit score.

As in many industries, the need to innovate is as constant as the need to improve customer satisfaction and decrease costs, so LOOP got a hold of the Quiq team to revamp a tired chatbot with branded, custom generative AI solutions, as well as a platform for managing its results.

The Quiq gist: Better answers, happier customers, and stronger insights.

With a next-generation automation strategy, LOOP and Quiq team members enabled the latest Generative AI and LLM-driven online self-service options.

Quiq enabled LOOP to:

  • Offer customers accurate answers unique to their situations.
  • Triple the customer self-service rate with 50% automated resolution.
  • 75% positive customer satisfaction rating for the AI Assistant.
  • Gain more useful data with custom Quiq Insights dashboards.
“LOOP’s AI Assistant is changing our business by transforming how customers interact with us. Now they can find trustworthy, personalized answers without having to pick up the phone, while still getting the LOOP brand experience.”
John Henry
Co-Founder and Co-CEO of LOOP

See how LOOP Auto Insurance achieved amazing CX results with Quiq's LLM-powered AI Assistant—one of the first of its kind!

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Play with the first LLM-powered AI Assistant.

Quiq built LOOP Insurance an AI Assistant using ChatGPT – the first of its kind!