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For many consumers in 2020, online is the preferred mode of shopping. It’s quick and easy to find the exact products they’re looking for, there’s no need to wait in line, and they can do it all from the convenience of home — or from the train during their commute to work, or the waiting room of their doctor’s office. You get the idea — we’re all on-the-go. 

More than ever before, customers are using mobile phones to shop. Thankfully, technology is continually evolving to make online shopping even easier. But, some companies are overlooking an area that has enormous potential to grow online enterprise: rich messaging transactions.

Rich Messaging and Shopping

What is rich messaging? In some ways, it’s exactly what it sounds like: communication through traditional messaging channels that is deeper, richer, and more layered. But it’s also much more than that.

Rich messaging allows effortless straightforward communication between customer service representatives and customers. Both parties can share interactive media like images and videos giving customers the opportunity to view products within the message window, rather than being directed away, like to the website. In addition, consumers can easily interact and respond using rich mesaging buttons and even making secure purchases. When customers are able to view, select, add to cart and purchase all within the messaging window, well thats rich messaging at it’s best.

Rich communication services can simplify shopping with convenience your customers will love. If your company isn’t using rich messaging in 2020, you’re missing out.

Rich Communication Services and Integration

Many of the functions customers are already using on mobile devices can be integrated into rich communications. For example, two-way interactions with rich communication can include:

  • Completing transactions with Apple Pay or Google Pay
  • Scheduling appointments and adding them to the customer’s calendar
  • Using the camera on the customer’s device to display the product in their home through augmented reality

Advantages of Rich Messaging

Customer service representatives can use rich messaging to create a personalized shopping experience for customers within any messaging channel, whether that’s SMS text messages, web chat, or Facebook Messenger. Here are a few applications of rich messaging and shopping — customer service representatives are able to:

  • Provide recommendations
  • Suggest alternative products
  • Offer helpful resources
  • Explain custom options
  • Process instant payments

Rich messaging adds a new level of engagement to these interactions beyond traditional methods of chatting. You can make it easy for customers to respond to reps by providing a carousel of options to choose from or buttons to send a quick answer.

With rich messaging, customers enjoy the convenience of a personal shopper. Rich messaging can be used for new orders, as well as modifications to existing orders that are still being processed.

Your company will benefit from building a satisfied base of customers, as well as expedited sales and increased order value. The advantages of rich messaging transactions and eCommerce texting can help take your business to the next level.

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