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Achieve incredible business outcomes with bots and automation.

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revenue increase for Blue Nile
with bot to expert handoff.


self-service rate for Lane Bryant
with a digital assistant bot.


containment for Daily Harvest
with their bot, “Sage”.

Boost revenue, profits, and customer satisfaction.

Whether you’re looking to decrease volume to your contact center, increase sales, or completely
transform your customer experience, we’re the chatbot builder for you. With our software, you
can create conversations with customers that are specific to their journeys, needs, and your
business—all without any technical knowledge required.

You’re a conversational designer.
You just don’t know it yet.

Design automated conversations using a visual chatbot builder that enables you to make complex automation flows easy and uncomplicated. No code required. Technical minds specifically designed the bot builder to allow non-technical business leaders to build, learn from, and iterate on. With Quiq, you’ll leverage a full suite of media to bring into your bot design (where supported by your channels of choice). It’s also simple to integrate custom data sources to help your bot achieve high resolution or completion rates.

Quiq Bot Design Studio

Learn how to get started with AI bots
in The Ultimate Chatbot Playbook

Engage your customers and
personalize their experiences.

Through Quiq’s AI and the seamless data flow with your CRM, your custom chatbot can trigger proactive messages on a website, via SMS, or in a messaging app to encourage your customers to engage in conversations. Notify them of shipment updates, price changes, or other important alerts relevant to where they are in in their customer journey.

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31% of global telecommunications technology decision makers who are significantly involved in contact centers cited customer-facing chatbots as a top priority for technology investments; 30% cited agent-facing chatbots as a top priority.
—Forrester, New Tech: Conversational AI For Customer Service, Q2 2019

Basic bot tools don’t cut it.

Most CCaaS or CRM solutions offer very basic bot tooling. They don’t auto-translate by channel or offer in-depth reporting—and they don’t have collaboration in their training tools. Quiq gives you both high-level and granular insights into how your automation is performing—with the tools for anyone to be able to make changes and see the results.

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Improvements in
agent efficiency


Lift in sales
conversion rates
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Daily Harvest contains 60%
of inbound inquiries with
their bot.

Since Daily Harvest’s team created their custom AI chatbot—named “Sage”—the company’s customer service agents have been freed up to focus on 1:1 care.