Zendesk integration Quiq Messaging for Business Texting Service

Quiq’s Zendesk Integration

Customer texting and messaging solution for Zendesk

Scale to meet your business messaging needs

With Quiq’s Zendesk integration, messaging channels like text, chat, and social are built into the CRM to super power the experience, for both agents and customers.

Messaging integration to power your growth

Start messaging with the Zendesk integration and make customer engagement easier. Plug-in messaging and see how Quiq will improve customer experiences and drive new business on all the messaging channels your customers are using.

Messaging Channels

Customers want to reach you where they are.  The multitude of ways include text messaging, chat, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Apple Business Chat, and Google Rich Business Messaging to name a few, and our Zendesk integration supports them all.

Rich Messaging

Messaging isn’t just text.  Customers respond because the experience is better with rich messaging channels like Apple Business Chat and Google Rich Business Messaging (RBM).


Tied seamlessly into the messaging experience, bots are the perfect assistant for your agents and customers providing support when needed. Quiq bots and third-party bots can all work together to help agents and serve customers better.

Connect with customers on any channel

A Zendesk integration with Quiq will make your agents faster and more productive.  Upgrade your Zendesk investment to deliver better customer experiences and get your agents up and running in no time.

Keep the conversation in Zendesk

Your agents are already familiar with Zendesk so connecting Quiq makes it easy for agents to focus on what they do best, servicing your customers.

Link conversations to tickets

Don’t make your agents look for customer information.  With Quiq, all their customer data is in one place for them to have the most up-to-date information alongside their customer messaging conversations.

Save contact data in Zendesk

Never miss a data point. Keep customer messaging engagements in Zendesk so your agents and managers can easily report on your customers full interaction history by having their most important information all in one place.

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