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Messaging is changing the way business is done, especially in online retail. We are seeing rapid adoption of messaging by online retailers, including Tailor Brands, Overstock, and Pier1 who are experiencing the many benefits of asynchronous communications in their contact centers: more natural engagement with customers, reduced service costs, and a reduction in workload. These results didn’t happen just by luck.

For these retailers, the decision to adopt messaging was the right move because they wanted a more customer-centric way to communicate with consumers. With Quiq Messaging, customer service agents can send and receive messages from web, mobile, and social platforms.

Since 4 out of 5 consumers send a text message on a daily basis and nearly half of all consumers prefer messaging as a means to contact a company, the customer service implications are apparent – helping consumers interact with your brand in a way that is preferred and convenient for them.

In this post, we’ll discuss the five ways messaging impacts online retail customer satisfaction.

5 Ways Messaging Improves Online Retail Customer Satisfaction

1. Helping shoppers find the items they want

Quiq’s web chat allows online retailers to help customers when they need it most, providing the on-demand customer support that consumers want and expect while shopping on their desktop. In fact, 44% of online consumers say that having questions answered by a live person while in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important features for a web site. Since a higher number of consumers are shopping and purchasing right from their mobile phone, adding messaging makes sense as a natural extension of on-demand support for mobile-optimized websites.

2. Providing transparency to interactions

Most customers can’t catch every detail over a phone conversation and the majority of web chat solutions are session based – meaning when the session is over, the conversation disappears and can’t be naturally restarted. Unlike other web chat software solutions, Quiq’s web chat conversations are persistent and restart right where they left off. Plus, customers can request to have their web chat transcript emailed to them. Mobile messaging adds an additional layer of transparency as message history can stretch back even further than the last conversation on SMS and Facebook Messenger, giving the customer access to more history and conversation detail.

3. Aligning staff to traffic for a better customer experience

While the phone remains one of the many ways consumers engage with companies, consumers increasingly look to contact companies through mobile messaging. Our research shows that 69% of consumers expect to see text messaging as a customer service channel and Gartner predicts that by 2019, there will be more customer support requests through mobile messaging apps than traditional social media. Enabling messaging as a channel has allowed Quiq clients to serve customers on the channel they feel most comfortable engaging with. Many Quiq clients have dedicated agents just to staff the messaging channel so that each channel gets the appropriate level of attention and support.

4. Reducing wait time

A surge in traffic or successful promotion can cause chaos for phone lines, and consumers hate to wait. Quiq clients have found that messaging has helped smooth the peaks of inbound support requests. Because messaging is asynchronous, agents can handle multiple messages at once, all while reducing work time by 25-50%. Messaging also allows those customers who would prefer to receive a text message, while they are on the go to still interact without interrupting their day.

5. Enticing buyers to come back

A good messaging experience entices customers to engage with delivered personalized outbound messages. Quiq clients use targeted outbound communications to customize the shopping experience, deliver notifications, and reward desired behaviors to establish brand advocates and create repeat customers.

Online retailers are faced with many challenges, but engaging with their mobile customers doesn’t have to be one of them. Messaging is already helping many online retailers establish a stronger relationship with their customers by tackling common shopper frustrations through messaging like more targeted and personalized offers and fast and convenient service wherever, whenever they need it.

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Quiq makes it easy for customers to contact a business via Messaging, the preferred channel already in use with our friends and family.  With Quiq, customers can now engage with companies via SMS/text messaging, Facebook Messenger, Web Chat, In-App, and Kik for help with their pre-sales and post-sales questions. Learn more about Quiq today at