Digital-first CX with
the next generation of AI.

By harnessing the power of AI and digital channels, you can uplevel your customer experience and lower costs. Your customers get personalized answers and your agents work smarter. Don’t know where to start? We do.

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LOOP Auto Insurance increases self-service rates 3X.

See how one of the world’s first LLM-powered AI Assistants is accelerating self-service and CSAT at the same time.
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Why Quiq?

The latest AI.

Harness the power of the latest AI technology to revolutionize your CX. Large Language Models are game-changing.

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Lower costs.

Leverage our AI-powered digital platform to resolve 80% of inbound inquiries, while increasing agent productivity and retention.

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Be a CX hero.

Introduce Quiq conversations to raise metrics your business cares about—like NPS and CSAT.

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Quiq Conversational CX builds stronger
customer relationships—here’s how.

AI with Large Language Models

Automatically resolve 80% of your
customer inquiries.

Quiq’s Conversational CX proactively engages customers based on who they are, where they are, and what they are trying to do—all before involving an agent. Powered by the latest Generative AI and Large Language Models, your customers will be able to engage in conversations with AI unlike anything ever seen before. Customers can ask questions just like they were talking with a human and receive concise personalized responses. No more stodgy knowledge base answers! Quiq’s innovative AI technology minimizes the risk of the latest in AI while taking advantage of the powerful language skills of LLMs.

Conversational AI

Play with the first LLM-powered AI Assistant.

Quiq built LOOP Insurance an AI Assistant using ChatGPT – the first of its kind!

AI Agent Assist

Make every agent your smartest agent.

Quiq Compose, our AI-powered agent assistant levels up the skills of every agent and lowers the time it takes agents to respond. Compose suggests agent responses and uses auto-complete to help agents finish their thoughts. Using Generative AI that is trained only on prior conversations between your best agents and customers, you can be assured of risk-free AI and accurate responses. With Quiq Compose you’ll see faster agent response time, lower effort, and higher quality.

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Seamless for agents and
customers alike.

A great customer experience feels consistent and is easy—no matter where the experience happens. From texting and web chat to social media, Quiq conversations are frictionless—for customers and agents. On the agent side, all conversations come through one simple interface, regardless of channel. And customers will use the apps they use all the time with family and friends, like SMS/text, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger.

Seamless for agents and customers alike

Seen enough to keep the conversation going?


Help 6-8 customers at one time.

Asynchronous (or “async”) conversations aren’t time-bound. For example, when a friend texts you, you may reply right away or hours later. And you can communicate with multiple people simultaneously. Compare that with a phone call, which is limited to voice and is just one at a time. This is the power of async for your business: agents gain context with images and video to better meet customer needs and they serve many customers simultaneously.

Asynchronous: Help 6-8 customers at one time.

Built to Scale

Enterprise-grade by design.

Quiq was built from the ground up specifically for enterprise organizations. Of course, that means we’re SOC-2 compliant, but we go far beyond compliance. As an engineer-founded company, we are rigorous about privacy, security, and enterprise-class scalability.

SOC for Service Organizations

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Self-service rate increase.


Positive CSAT.
Learn how Quiq partnered with LOOP auto insurance to build an LLM-powered AI Assistant that's increased self-service by 3X and more amazing results.