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What is Apple Business Chat Software?

With Apple Business Chat, consumers can reach out directly to your business through a completely integrated and native Apple Messages experience on their iOS device. Apple Business Chat software is just another messaging channel that Quiq manages with ease.

Apple Business Chat example rich messaging

Messaging 2.0 is here

Apple Business Chat is a powerful new way for organizations to communicate with customers. Customers can find your business and start conversations from Safari, Maps, Search, Siri or your website. With Apple Business Messaging, your customers can get answers to questions, resolve issues, and complete transactions with Apple Pay from their iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch. Research, shop, order, and purchase all from your mobile device.

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Apple Chat Suggest makes it even easier


Why call when you can text?

Your customers can now “one-tap” message your company instead of having to call. With Chat Suggest, Apple takes Business Chat to the next level by automatically presenting the option to start a messaging conversation directly with your business. Present a more convenient way for consumers to engage with you and watch those inbound phone calls drop.


Chat Suggest makes it easier to shift phone calls to messaging

Not only is Apple Chat Suggest a more appealing option for consumers, it is even attractive to businesses. Instead of handling expensive phone calls, shift inbound inquiries to a less expensive and more convenient channel. You save money, your team can help more customers at once, and your customers love it.

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Apple Business Chat Features


apple pay

Complete transactions by simply sending an Apple Pay message


apple business chat list picker quiq reply

Allow your customers to select their choices from lists with images


apple business chat time picker

Easily schedule appointments or deliveries with integration into the customer’s calendar


apple business chat app deep link

Link directly into your app to perform more complex interactions


Apple Business Chat authentication example on an iPhoneX

Validate user identity with built in authentication based upon OAuth

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How it works for employees

Apple Business Chat is just another messaging channel in Quiq’s cross-channel interface. Agents can easily handle incoming messaging conversations from multiple sources. Agents may create their own enhanced messages or access pre-built messages built by administrators. Send rich content, complete transactions with Apple Pay, or schedule appointments with customers quickly and easily.

Apple Bussiness Chat desktop agent on a computer monitor


The Future of Chat

Apple Business Messaging allows your brand to connect with customers in the ways that matter most to them. When you can speak their language using rich text like emojis and pictures, you can make a more powerful impact and drive conversions. Whether you use AI chatbots, human agents, or a combination of both, Quiq makes it easy to seamlessly keep the conversation flowing.

The iOS market is critical to virtually any business. Quiq’s business chat software enables your brand to be integrated into the Apple ecosystem, expanding your reach across platform boundaries. By delivering a consistent user experience across all of the popular chat channels, Quiq gives your business a more consistent voice.

When you’re ready to see the potential that Apple Business Chat can bring to your brand, try out a self-serve demo today.

To find out how you can take your businesses messaging to the next level with Quiq Messaging, try out a self-serve demo today.

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