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There’s a lot to manage in a contact center – from staffing and training to managing operations and tracking KPI’s. Using Quiq for live chat and text messaging will satisfy your customer’s demand for more ways to engage with your company. 

Turn to Quiq Messaging to:

  • Increase conversions
  • Engage more qualified leads
  • Manage seasonal spikes and increased demand
  • Boost agent productivity & efficiency
  • Drive costs down
  • Reduce clutter in current system
  • Help customers engage more easily
  • Improve quality of interactions
  • Increase customer satisfaction

With Quiq…

Customers can choose the channel they prefer to reach your company at their moment of need. Agents manage all of the messaging conversations through one unified desktop UI. Marie can better manage her agents and conversations with Quiq’s collaboration and reporting features.

You’ll look like a rockstar, with these results:

  • 8-10% Increase in conversion rate
  • 25% Decrease in worktime
  • 5-12% Increase in CSAT

Reach a stage of customer delightment with Quiq Messaging.

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