General Assembly builds textbook example
for qualifying leads strategy.




New York


In an increasingly competitive online education market, industry leader and education sector veteran General Assembly (GA) aimed to maintain its seat at the head of the class.


  • Designed an interactive quiz to boost qualifying leads and nurture potential students.
  • Over half of quiz viewers completed the activity.
  • Plans to make the interactive quiz a permanent part of CX.
General Assembly Chat Bot

A brainy idea.

General Assembly specializes in training for constantly evolving disciplines, like data science and web development. This focus on adaptability serves the GA team well in all facets of its operations.

When it came time to evolve their marketing strategy to better match the needs and desires of potential students, GA partnered with Quiq to create an entertaining way to capture site visitor emails.

With Quiq by their side, the GA team captured and nurtured users who showed specific interests in classes and programs.

Their next step was to enhance existing touch points and transform requests for contact information into ongoing conversations with prospective students using conversational AI.

General Assembly

The Quiq gist: A+ results.

Quiq enabled General Assembly to:

  • Achieve a 26% conversion rate.
  • Reach over 60% quiz completion rates per month.
  • Ace inbound marketing and stay at the head of the class when it comes to nurturing leads.
  • In fact, the quiz campaign has been so successful, the team plans to use it as a permanent tactic of their web-based content strategy.
General Assembly
“Working with Quiq has deepened our belief in the power of conversational commerce to alleviate user pain points, facilitate stronger customer journeys, and accelerate revenue generation.”
Greg Mortimer
Head of Lifecycle Marketing, General Assembly

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