Optimizing Agent Performance

Tools to take your agents from effective to incredible.

Quiq gives your agents the tools to excel.

Agents are vital to your company’s success. They are the direct line of communication between your
customers and your brand. When your agents have the best tools, they can do more in less time with
less friction. Quiq’s platform does the heavy lifting so agents can focus on what matters most: Great
customer conversations.

High-performing teams demand powerful tools.

Excellent digital customer service can drive growth for companies through building customer loyalty, inspiring referrals, guiding customers through the buyer’s journey, and cross-selling and upselling. Features like Quiq’s Adaptive Response Timer (ART), bots, snippets, sentiment analysis, sticky routing, and translation—to name a few—empower employees with the tools they need to deliver the customer experiences that will build your business.

Manage multiple conversations in one place.

Your customers want to communicate with your brand on their favorite platform. Quiq’s unified desktop gives employees an organized, intuitive workspace to handle messages from any channel. Integrate third-party systems into the right-hand side of the agent desktop. You’ll arm agents with valuable customer data from your internal systems—and say goodbye to jumping between multiple tools.

Respond to your customers on time, every time.

Quiq’s proprietary Adaptive Response Timer automatically prioritizes customer conversations for agents based on how slowly or swiftly the customer engages in the conversation by moving the most critical conversation to the top. Our Adaptive Response Timer provides visual cues to alert agents when conversations need attention, ensuring customers receive a great experience.

Optimize agent performance with Quiq.

Refine info gathering with chatbots.

When chatbots join your team, agents get more done and customers get a streamlined experience. When a customer interacts with a chatbot, the bot can automatically fill in form fields based on the responses from the customer. This pre-filled form makes it easier for agents to see pertinent information in the agent UI rather than reading over the entire conversation.

Free up time by eliminating repetitive tasks.

With “snippets,” pre-built responses for comment questions, customers receive the same information regardless of who they speak with. Snippets can be created either by your company or agents, allowing agents to streamline their responses. Snippets are tied to keyboard shortcuts, reducing the time it takes for agents to respond—truly a digital customer service must-have.

Save time and improve responses.

With Quiq, companies can turn on the chat text preview inside Web Chat to let agents view text messaging coming in before the customer submits, giving agents a chance to get ahead of the inquiry to provide fast, effective digital customer service.

Monitor sentiment for the best customer care strategies.

When it comes to customer care, a little insight goes a long way. Employees can easily detect shifts in customers’ moods during conversations with Quiq’s visual sentiment analysis. This feature helps agents and managers understand which conversations may need extra attention.

By removing repetitive, low-value tasks from customer service agents, automation lets them focus on where their human touch adds the most value. This has a double positive impact: It reduces costs and improves agents’ work satisfaction.
—Forrester, How AI and Automation Drive Better Customer Service Experiences

With seamless transfers and collaboration, your agents are never alone.

When agents need help with a tough question or challenging customer, they can invite peers or managers to join the active conversation via Quiq’s collaboration button. Agents can also seamlessly transfer messaging conversations to other employees without the customer ever knowing that multiple people interacted with them.

Make the most of a great connection.

Agents dedicate their time to delivering excellent digital customer service and making meaningful connections with customers. Quiq’s sticky routing makes the most of those connections. For example, if a customer has a conversation with an agent and then returns for more assistance later, sticky routing pairs the two together again.

Serve your customers in their preferred language.

Over 67MM US residents speak a language other than English at home. Quiq Translate automatically translates over 100 languages across the most popular digital messaging channels—empowering agents to serve customers in multiple languages without switching to external software.

Quiq brings it all together for your agents.

Quiq brings your customer communications from various locations into one intuitive platform equipped with powerful tools that help agents do more with ease—and focus on the customers instead of the technology.

Give your agents next-level tools for unforgettable customer service.