Daily Harvest crafts their first
artificially intelligent digital guide.

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  • Improve already exceptional customer experience without adding more pressure to internal teams.
  • Alleviate the impact of higher customer inquiry volumes on the customer care team.
  • Elevate CX to accommodate a rapidly growing customer base.


  • Even more improvements to an already exceptional CSAT.
  • Optimization of customer experiences using NLU, content enhancements, handoff protocols, and routing.
  • Reduced volume of agent-handled conversations through 60% containment.
Daily Harvest Sage

Sage, from scratch.

Popular meal kit delivery service Daily Harvest values customer conversations and satisfaction as much as it values high-quality ingredients and healthy lifestyles.

That’s why—in collaboration with Quiq—Daily Harvest put in a whole lot of research and development (in an impressively short period of time) before creating Sage, a chatbot which quickly helped satisfy many of the company’s customer service needs.

Quiq helped Daily Harvest build the start of a sophisticated Natural Language Processing (NLP) model. The process used core contact drivers identified by Daily Harvest ahead of time.

Finally, the team gradually layered in the ability to interpret customers’ language and syntax, their food preferences, and more.

Daily Harvest Image

The Quiq gist: Custom AI chatbot
hits the spot.

Sage is proving to be an exceptional colleague, thanks to a partnership between Quiq and Daily Harvest. The custom chatbot eases customer care team workloads by fielding common and simpler inquiries.

In turn, this allows human team members to focus on more personalized 1:1 customer care. Sage also gathers customer data so the company can further improve important metrics like CSAT and containment.

Quiq enabled Daily Harvest to:

  • Increase the number of customers using chat by 6 ppt.
  • Reduce the volume of agent-handled conversations through 60% containment.
  • Improve the rate of precision by 10 percentage points.
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“Partnering with the team at Quiq has been an excellent experience. They have been adaptive to our creative needs, found workarounds for roadblocks we’ve faced, and consistently collaborated with us to make the experience as good as it can be for our customers.”
Eben Timko
Product Manager, Daily Harvest

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